【Lunch & Dinner】All You Can Eat to Break Even at Five-star Hotel
When you can't decide between seafood or meat, buffet restaurant is an excellent option for dining with family and friends. You can choose whatever you like. The Place, Cordis, Hong Kong’s all-day dining restaurant presents a “Land and Sea Fiesta” themed lunch and dinner buffet from 2 September.
“Land and Sea Fiesta” buffet delight taste buds with a range of jet-fresh seafood and sumptuous meat specialties.

Refreshing Seafood on Ice
Seafood is definitely one of the Hong Kong people’s favourite food. The culinary journey begins with refreshing seafood on ice at lunch and dinner hours, such as Seasonal Fresh Oysters from New Zealand, Blue Mussels, Shrimps and Clams, plus a selection of freshly cut sashimi including Salmon, Tuna, Sweet Shrimps, Surf Clams and more. You may also tailor made your favourite colourful Sashimi Poke Bowl.

In addition to seafood on ice, hot seafood dishes include Pan-fried Sole Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce, Miso Salmon and Indian Curry with Fish. An array of delectable meaty favourites are also available including BBQ Pork Ribs, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Teriyaki Beef, Grilled Pork Knuckles, Pork Neck in Thai Style and many more on an endless supply. You may also savour the ever-popular Egg Benedict with Truffles exclusively during weekend lunch buffet to enrich holidays.
Lunch and dinner buffet experience with abundant seafood.

There is a wide variety of freshly cut sashimi.

Let’s tailor made your favourite colourful Sashimi Poke Bowl.

A Fancy Dinner Buffet
As well as the aforementioned delicacies, you may indulge with even more extravagant seafood and meaty dishes during dinner. Highlights include Chilled Half Lobsters, Canadian Snow Crab Legs, Crab Congee, Baked Half Lobster with Cheese and Thousand Island Dressing and more.

Hot dishes include US Prime Rib, Grilled Lamb Rack, Vietnamese Beef Noodles Soup. Another must-try will be Pan-fried Foie Gras, the most popular and well-known delicacies in French cuisine. The nourishing Double Boiled Soup is the best choice that produces numerous flavors and health benefits.
Crab Congee

Baked Half Lobster with Cheese and Thousand Island Dressing

Pan-fried Foie Gras

Dessert Corner
End on a sweet note with a long line up of irresistible desserts including Hot Chocolate Soufflé live station, Jasmine Orange White Chocolate Mousse Cake, Caramel Honey Pear Sliced Cake, White Peach Panna Cotta plus many more.

Opening Hours and Prices:

Lunch Buffet

12:00 – 14:30 (Daily)

Monday – Friday:
Adults: HK$358;
Kids/Seniors: HK$278

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays:
Adults: HK$428;
Kids/Seniors: HK$328

Dinner Buffet

18:30  – 21:45 (Daily)

Monday – Thursday:
Adults: HK$638;
Kids/Seniors: HK$458 

Friday, Saturday & Public Holiday Eves:
Adults: HK$698;
Kids/Seniors: HK$498

Sundays & Public Holidays:
Adults: HK$658;
Kids/Seniors: HK$478

Free flow selected beers and juices are included during dinner buffet

All prices are in Hong Kong dollars and subject to a 10% service charge.
All menu items are subject to change due to seasonality and availability.

The Place
Add.: Level L, Cordis, Hong Kong at Langham Place, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok
Tel.: 35523028
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