Top 10 Recommended Restaurants in November 2021

It's time to announce the top 10 recommended restaurants in November 2021.

No.10 Susan chicken rice

 Pic: Mandy Ng 241jcpigpigzhu

No.9  Proton 

 Pic: Sayesfood

No. 8 Vision 8     

Pic: sharefood2you

No.7 Coti the Bistro    

 Pic: kayla324yoeating

No.6 Hotpot Foodie 

 Pic: leetszhinccrreami

No.5 Boy n Burger

 Pic: heyki_kimanmuiii

No.4 Sushi Kei 

 Pic: 20foodhk

No.3 Ramen Iroha 

 Pic: xmelissalamx被廣告業耽誤的美食家

No.2 Almond Dessert 

 Pic: apj.sui1998kittyyy0313

No.1 The Big Things Noodles

 Pic: cowwwwberber0201

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