The Best Choices for Parent-child Restaurants Recommendation 2023

Hong Kong Island

Quarry Bay Scandinavian style restaurant Jello & Mellow

The latest parent-child themed restaurant opened in June this year. The decoration is based on the Nordic simple and practical aesthetics. The pastel colors and the natural light from the large glass windows make the atmosphere feel warm and healing. Divided into five spaces, The Mello Dining Room features play equipment and dine-in seating, while the Positivi-TEA Room will host interactive workshops from time to time.

Quarry Bay Pink Western Restaurant  Q Time Cafe 

This parent-child restaurant opened in 2021 and is dominated by wood and light blue, with reasonable space between the tables for comfortable seating. Many mothers have praised the restaurant for its thoughtfulness. In addition to the Play Corner, there are three independent rooms, cribs, breastfeeding rooms, etc., so you can bring your newborn baby to the restaurant without worrying. Children can participate in the homemade crepe workshop and become a little chef.

North Point's 8 Theme Play Zones   KidsKiss

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The parent-child theme restaurant moved from Shek Mun to North Point, so the place is bigger and there are more things for children to play! There are eight themed play areas that are suitable for children of different ages. For example, there is a children's play area for children aged 0-2, and a children's new area dedicated to children over 6 years old with VR games. There are large climbing frames and slides for children to release their energy, and there is also a reading area for everyone to enjoy parent-child reading time.

Causeway Bay Popular Playroom and restaurant from Taiwan   Mr. Tree

It came from Taiwan and entered in Hong Kong in 2016, the Causeway Bay store focuses on Next Generation. There are different areas for children to practise their sense of touch, imagination and creativity, such as the STEM robot area and the integrated crawling area. There is also a section dedicated to babies from 0 to 24 months. In particular, they find a chef with 30 years of hotel experience to design healthy meals!


Tsim Sha Tsui Dinosaur-themed Fusion Cuisine   Yummy Dino‧Mr. Dino 

Newly opened in April this year, this family restaurant is decorated in a forest style in line with the dinosaur theme, and with different dinosaur decorations and figurines. If you are a dinosaur fan, you should definitely go! There are plenty of seats in the restaurant, making it a comfortable place to sit for the whole family. For meals, they also try to choose fresh and natural ingredients, and cook with less oil and less salt.

Kai Tak Parent-child Chinese Restaurant at the Cruise Terminal   Origami Kids Cafe 

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This restaurant is located at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and opened in 2017, the design of the parent-child restaurant was led by the famous Hong Kong interior designer Mr. Alan Chan. The three-sided floor-to-ceiling glass and the natural wood theme are very beautiful. And it is different from other parent-child restaurants which specialize in Chinese dishes, serving pickled fish, lion's head, fish soup and rice.

Kwun Tong Hanbok Experience + Korean BBQ    MeokBang BBQ Kidzone 

The first parent-child restaurant opened in 2019 by the Korean barbecue chain restaurant MeokBang BBQ, is based on the design of a traditional Korean house, and you can rent Korean costumes (free for children aged 2-8/1 hour, $70/1 hour for adults). The amusement area includes ball pool, mini kitchen, toy cars and so on. In terms of food, there have Korean barbecue, and a series of children's meals.

New Territories

Ma On Shan Parent-child paradise cooperated with Korean brand   WhizBo Kids Cafe

 Pic:Restaurant Facebook雷囡媽媽

This parent-child restaurant is based on the concept of art and environmental protection. There are ten game areas, some of which are designed by the famous Korean brand Kids Factory, and toys made of high-quality wood are also introduced. Special parent-child classes and farming experience classes are held from time to time to enhance children's environmental awareness. In terms of food, there are also a lot of cute dishes that make adults and children happy.

Shatin Science Park Italian Restaurant Meraviglia Bar e Ristorante   

It is a very famous parent-child restaurant in Sha Tin District, because there are a lot of indoors and outdoors amusement facilities. Parents can sit inside and watch their children through the floor-to-ceiling glass, while the children have enough space to release their energy. On the other hand, they serve food of high standard, focusing on Italian family dishes made with carefully selected organic ingredients. Organic salads, barbecue steaks, and focaccia are all worth trying.

Tsuen Wan Blue and White Parent-child Cafe One Small Step

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Many parents will help their children take photos when they are playing, and this parent-child Cafe in Tsuen Wan is so IG-able. The light blue and white colour tone in Scandinavian style is designed by a British interior designer. Furthermore, many parents think that the environment is clean and well-organized, and the food is healthy with less salt and less sugar.

Ma Wan Beach Traditional Italian Cuisine Cafe Roma 

If you want to get close to nature, Ma Wan's beachfront Italian restaurant is a good choice! After the renovation project that completed in the middle of this year, the interior is decorated in a rustic Italian style. The most amazing part is that the beach outside, with a variety of beach toys provided. Children's pizza workshops will also be held regularly. Parents can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine made with high-quality fresh ingredients.

Tsuen Wan
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