OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2021 - Prestigious Awards Goes to Mu Taiwan Noodles

The result of Annual event, OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards comes out finally. You can find out all the awardees by clicking here. And the Prestigious Awards is always the hottest topic of each year. For this year, this highest honor goes to Mu Taiwan Noodles in Kwong Wa Street, Mong Kok. At the same time, Mu also honored for the Best Restaurant in Mong Kok and Best Southeast Asian Restaurant. Congratulations and let see how they can stand out of around 20,000restaurants in Hong Kong.

  Polly, the boss of Mu

Mu provides authentic Taiwan cuisines and managed by a Taiwanese. Thus it can fully refill the loneliness and missing feeling of Hong Kong people that they couldn’t travel to Taiwan since last year. Polly, the boss of Mu was born to be a profession of Taiwan noodles, as her parents and her grandparents were all managed Taiwan Noodles shop. When Polly was young, she was trained to be experienced. After she married and came to Hong Kong, she brought her skills too.

“My grandmother taught my father to make the noodles, and my father made this as his business for twenty years. He retired now but my brothers didn’t want to take over the family business. As passing on and inheriting the craft is the biggest hope of my father, he asked me to do so.” However, I helped the business since I was very young, and it is too hard and too exhausting that we don’t want to pick it up.” Polly asked herself to study hard so that she needs not make noodles when she grows up.

However, never say never. Polly started to miss the things in Taiwan after she married and camp to Hong Kong. She made noodles. Thus, the idea of opening a shop was suggested by her father and she accepted. The restaurant named “Mu”, which is the same as her father’s.

 The noodles with beef and tendon

It is decorated in wooden style, and there’s a wide diversity of food choice. Besides noodles, you can also find over thirty kinds of snacks, braised dishes, desserts and drinks there. The noodles with beef and tendon are the most signature one among all. For the chewy noodles, it is handmade just like the old way from Taiwan of course. No matter the noodles, the beef, and the tendon, they are all in a large portion. Beef bones and beef, together with vegetables and herbs are added into the soup base. After boiling for more than twenty hours, it tastes rich and sweet. The performance keeps stable from time to time, and it is no doubt that, you can always see a long queue outside the restaurant.

 Taiwan egg pancake

Success is not an accident. Mu can grab those three awards is honored to Polly’s father’s teaching. Polly describes that his father is an insistence man who do all the things by heart. Here’re some words that his father always says, “Don’t think about the profits, just insist to the right things. If you also want to eat the food that you make, the customers will come as well.” Thanks to the model of his father, Polly overcomes all the cultural, laws and equipment differences between Hong Kong and Taiwan. She also makes friends with her customers.

Polly is happy for the honored, and she is thankful to her father and husband for the support. She specially give thanks to HongKongers, “As I am a girl coming from Taiwan, but I can  still present the  craft noodles of my hometown, and feel the support from Hong Kong people by visiting our restaurants and leaving feedback. I am really graceful that I can survive till now.”

After being honored, Polly does not have any great development plan. “I just want to maintain the two restaurants, with my heart and guaranteed quality. I want the customers satisfied with it, like it and come back again. It’s all enough.”

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