OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2020 - Prestigious Awards Goes to Mamaday

It’s not easy to start a business in Hong Kong, but this cafe is self-proclaimed as "Mamaday (romanization of 嘛嘛地 which means so-so)"; open the menu and take a look of the name of dishes like "Don't Expect Too Much From Our Unagi Omurice" or "Extraordinary Fried Squid Rings", but the foods taste unexpectedly good. Mamaday in Causeway Bay honored for the Best Restaurant in Wan Chai / Causeway Bay and Best Western Restaurant with a sense of humor that makes people smile, and at the same time, Prestigious Awards!

Mamaday was a cafe opened by two Hong Kong people in Taipei. The name was derived from the fact that cafe was not well prepared at that time, so named "Mamaday" and hoping diners would not have too many expectations. Two years ago, owners returned to Causeway Bay to open the first branch in Hong Kong, with playful decoration and unique menu, such as the top on recommended dishes list: "Don't Expect Too Much From Our Unagi Omurice".

Ma, the person in charge of Mamaday, wants to say thanks to the diners and colleagues. Since the cafe opened two years ago, there have been many regular customers, and even diners celebrating their birthdays will share food with them, which is really unforgettable. The communication between management and colleagues, colleagues and guests is also good. Although the kitchen area is not large and the choice of dishes is limited, they still work hard to make changes, for example "The Taste Of Hell Risotto", and "What-so-ever Mamaday Pizza" with seasonal flavor will change regularly, and if the response is good, they will become the new regular dish!

Both the Causeway Bay store and the later opened Tsim Sha Tsui store will offer different seasonal dishes.The details of cafe also out of the ordinary, for example the traditional porcelain patterns on hot drink cups, funny illustrations of the menu, and humorous quotes on the wall. The neon sign behind the door says "different from imagination", and this surprise leaves overwhelming impression.

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