'OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2018' View from Winners

OpenRice Restaurant Awards 2018 has finally come to an end. Once again, congratulations to all winners and we wish them a successful future. They are happy to share their views and experience with all of us.

Chan Kun Kee (Best Tai Po and Shatin Restaurant):

Needless to say, it's my pleasure and honour to earn this award. We've been the prize winner for several times notwithstanding, our lease on the Wo Che dai pai dong will expire by the end of 2018,  so it’d be our last time to receive the award, which we deem it more worth cherishing. There's actually no secret behind our success. We do what we have to do, including quality control. Also, we handle customers' feedback promptly. For instance, when a diner tells us the food is too salty, we’d taste it ourselves and communicate with the chef.

Kobekyu (Best Mongkok Restaurant):

When I was working in Korea, my friend introduced Kobekyu to me and said it's really popular there. Once I tasted its food, I found it truly delicious, so I wanted to introduce the brand to Hong Kong. I received training in Korea. The Korean headquarters also sent a kitchen manager to help with quality control. In addition, we provide more options than other beef cutlet restaurants in Hong Kong. These are probably the reasons why we have gained the support of the voters. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our team.

老闆娘雲南米線 (Best Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing Resturant):

Thanks go to our frequent diners. We attract customers merely by authentic ingredients and devoted efforts to serve quality food. We decided to open the restaurant simply because we tasted palatable Yunnan noodles in mainland China and we thought it could meet the demand of Hongkongers. Our restaurant had been shut down for two years, but the support and encouragement of our frequent diners gave us strength to re-open it. We feel like we're friends with some of our frequent diners, since we knew them from that they were dating to now that they are married and have children.

The Stadium (Best Kwun Tong Restaurant):

We would surely have to thank OpenRice for the award. We feel it's a great honour as it's voted by the public and our diners. The award means a lot to a restaurant that has been operating in Kwun Tong for only two years. It motivates us to continue to do our best and repay our customers. We hope we can keep promoting the concept of "dining while playing" as a sports-themed restaurant. We just opened a new branch in Causeway Bay. We call for your continued support!

FLIPPER'S (Best Dessert, Best New Restaurant):

We are very grateful to OpenRice, all the diners and customers! Our philosophy is doing one thing well. We didn't provide many flavours for our souffle pancakes at the beginning, because we had to strictly control the quality, so that every diner would enjoy the same delicacy as offered in Japan. We’d like to thank all our colleagues for achieving the standards and their dedication to every detail. For instance, we insist that our products must be freshly made every day. The good news is we're discussing with the Japanese headquarters and planning to develop more flavours especially for Hong Kong customers!

Golden Captain Restaurant (Best Italian Restaurant):

We’d like to express our gratitude to Openrice, the diners and our supportive staff. We’re committed to serving the needs of customers with quality food. Black truffle and oil with Italian mascarpone cheese pizza is our original recipe. We have also created à la carte Che Chai pasta as Hongkongers prefer to mix and match themselves. Mercifully, our diners really like these new elements. We’ll keep updating our menu to sustain the feeling of freshness. We hope that we’ll find another ideal location and open a new branch beyond Tai Kok Tsui!

Shanghai Lane (Best Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai Restaurant):

Above all, we very much appreciate for the supporters and our cohesive colleagues! We’ve been sticking to the principle of homely cooking traditional Shanghai cuisine, such as pork and pak choy dumplings, braised wheat gluten with mushroom and black fungus, and braised minced meat balls with baby pak choy. Our culinary process is still mostly handmade, and that really makes a difference. We’ll launch a new Sichuan eatery in the near future and please look forward to its opening. 

La Vache! (Best French Restaurant):

Our Parisian steakhouse, La Vache! is honoured to receive this award from one of the most influential restaurant review platforms in Hong Kong. We thank our guests for providing us with so much support over the past four years. In January this year, La Vache! hit a major milestone with a second branch opening in Tsim Sha Tsui, and we look forward to serving another neighbourhood of steak lovers at this new Hart Avenue location in addition to our restaurant in SoHo, Central.

OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2018: www.openrice.com/info/awards2018/index.html


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Text: Cathy

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