OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2017 Ceremony Highlights

Aimed at recognizing the most outstanding and popular selected restaurants over the past year, the ‘OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2017’ Prize Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on 17th May at the Hotel ICON in Tsim Sha Tsui. It was an honour to have representatives from award-winning restaurants and renowned gourmands participated in the ceremony to witness the 27 Best Restaurant Awards in town.

OpenRice believes food and dining scene in Hong Kong is like a battlefield. Fierce competitions and challenges force restaurants and eateries to give out their best. Foodies in Hong Kong is also like an army, collecting dining information as well as searching for amazing dishes all around. Therefore the theme of this year is ‘Feasting Force’. Under the lead of Colonel and General, our sergeants, captains and soldiers discover and fight for great food and preserve the taste of Hong Kong.

During the 4-week public election, over 230,000 votes were cast, in which 82 restaurants from Hong Kong and 10 restaurants from Macau were selected as award winners. As the trend in food industry changes, adjustments are made at ‘OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards’ each year to suit every year’s need.  This year ’Caring Restaurant Award’ has been introduced to the ceremony, so we can pay respect to those who help the community selflessly without asking for returns.

Meanwhile,  the ‘New Restaurant Award’ is also return to the ceremony, highlighting the most popular and upcoming new restaurant in 2017. The result is based on the overall score, hit rate, quality of reviews, OpenRice members bookmark rate over the past year and the number of votes.

Notice that there are both local small eateries and new restaurants on the award list. It shows that food lovers in Hong Kong possess a wide range of preferences and tastes, and are willing to appreciate different cuisine and gourmet. This is definitely a positive sign to the dining scene in Hong Kong.

‘OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2017’ Prize Presentation Ceremony was undoubtedly a great success. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for the continuous support and participation. We look forward to further collaboration in scaling new heights in the development of food and beverage industry in Hong Kong.

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OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards 2017
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