Exceptional Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival

A popular French pastry and macaron shop, Paul Lafayet brings Hong Kong traditional mooncakes with a French twist. Using the best ingredients, this pastry shop has crafted four new flavors just for Hong Kong - cappuccino, vanilla, matcha and earl grey. Each mooncake box includes one of each of these four flavors and is priced at HK$320. The cappuccino flavor is made from 100% premium Arabica coffee beans while the classic vanilla uses only vanilla beans from Madagascar, creating delicious taste. The matcha and earl grey mooncakes are made using the most fragrant leaves, matcha from highlands of Shizuoka and earl grey from Sri Lanka. Get these mooncakes between August 21st and September 20th to enjoy an early bird offer of only HK$288 per box. 

With over 40 different shops in Hong Kong, Wing Wah has become a large force in Hong Kong’s dessert and snacks market. Wing Wah shops sell everything from popular Hong Kong style wife cake and pineapple cake to dan dan noodles and preserved meat sausage. Apart from selling traditional white lotus seed mooncakes, this year, they have released a mini icy mooncake series. Inspired by the increasingly hot Hong Kong summers, Wing Wah hopes that these mooncakes can help everyone cool down! Some flavors in the icy mooncake series include black sesame with green bean filling, mango green bean, blueberry cheese with white bean and apple green bean. In this series there are over 10 different mooncake flavors; there are four different boxes and each box features one of four different flavors. From now until September 4th, the boxes only cost HK$40, after that it is HK$68.  

Since its arrival from New York, Lady M has been a popular cake shop in Hong Kong for their signature mille-crepe cake. They pride themselves with using only the freshest and finest ingredients to beautifully craft their cakes. For this year’s Mid-Autumn festival, Lady M has released their Grand Lantern Mooncake series, featuring the traditional white lotus mooncake with egg yolk inside. Rather than sell their mooncakes in a typical box, Lady M has designed an elegant pastel pink lantern box to hold its mooncake. Each “box” has four independently packaged traditional white lotus mooncakes inside, each branded by a Lady M stamp on top. Order a traditionally sweet mooncake lantern box from Lady M before September 10th to enjoy a discounted price of HK$148. After this date, each box is sold at $388, the original price, so get them quick!

Inside The Mira Hotel in Hong Kong is COCO Cafe Patisserie, a cafe and pastry shop that has newly released a Mini Chocolate Lunar Delights for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. Carefully crafted by executive pastry chef Jean-Marc Gaucher, these homemade “mooncakes” will remind guests of sweet constellations. Designed to be shaped like the moon, these chocolate based mooncakes come in three different flavors, legendary uji matcha, pure ceylon and smoky fujian. The legendary uji matcha is comprised of 40% white chocolate with green tea infusion and white sesame - the pure ceylon contains 40% milk chocolate with earl grey tea. Last but not least, the smokey fujian mooncake features Lapsang Souchong black tea infused with 71% organic dark chocolate. These adorable metallic chocolate “mooncakes” come in boxes of 6 priced at HK$268. Order online before September 15th to enjoy a 20% discount off the original price. For guests that just want to try one bite sized chocolate “mooncake”, they can visit COCO and purchase them individually for HK$32. 

Famous singer, actress and TV host Fat Mama Maria Cordero has used her own skills to create a unique cheese mooncake series. Fans of Maria herself will be pleased to know that she has carefully selected the flavors and texture to craft a mooncake that all will enjoy. The cheese mooncakes have an icy outer skin yet a smooth creamy and soft texture inside. Coupled with the cheesy interior, these mooncakes feature a range of fragrant and delicious ingredients. Each mooncake is different, featuring a rich espresso chocolate filling, fragrant pistachio filling, refreshing grapefruit filling or black sesame and peanut filling. These mooncakes can be purchased at several different locations including the Bonjour bakery at Tsuen Wan MTR Station, Eslite Bookstore Tsim Sha Tsui and Taikoo branches, and also promotion counters at Kwun Tong E Plaza and The Spot in Sheung Shui. A box of these Fat Mama Maria cheese mooncakes only costs HK$288 per box!

Written by: Audree Wang

OpenRice Editor
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