Best midnight snack in Tai Po
After watching the movie , you may think Tai Po is a bit horrible, but actually Tai Po is a good place for food lover to find cheap and good snack! In addition, many restaurant still open in 11pm, therefore you could have many great choice for your midnight snack in Tai Po!

The apple pie in   Wah Fai Restaurant and Cake Shop

(Photos by lovebaby_v3v & Xbabychanx)

The most two famous foods in Wah Fai Restaurant are baked apple pie and chicken pie. You could have a cut pie with more sweet apple filling, or enjoy a small pie with more crunchy pie crust. Chicken pie only served in small pie with creamy chicken filling. No fancy decoration but great French bakery shop.

Find your ‘first love’   Rainbow BBQ

(Photos by moritatintin & fytung)

Undoubtedly BBQ skewer would be one of the best options for midnight snack, and Rainbow BBQ offers a kind of skewer that named ‘first love’! ‘First love’ is deep fried bean curd skin rolls with cheese and teriyaki sauce. Although we don’t know the relationship between ‘first love’ and BBQ, but many Tai Po people love the BBQ snacks here.

Handmade ‘glass’ rice rolls  Chan Hon Kee

(Photos by J_J723 & sXbabychanx)

A Hong Kong style restaurant serves may be the best handmade rice roll in New Territories, their rice rolls look like glass, which means the rice noodle sheets are thin enough for you to look through the fillings inside. Hot claypot rice is also another recommendation, the scorched rice with soy sauce is the highlight, don’t forget to finish that.

Having breakfast 24/7  Wah Lap Restaurant

(Photos by 小YAN子 & LRA)

Would a pineapple bun with butter gives you power in midnight? Wah Lap Restaurant is a Cha Chaan Teng open 24 hours a day in 7 days a week, they serve you Hong Kong style breakfast all the time so you can enjoy pineapple bun with butter or satay beef macaroni after rushing to meet the deadline of project at 3am.

Great deep fried chicken leg  三多(順興)小食

(Photos by wooddot & manda_lovebobby)

Have a spicy deep fried chicken leg in midnight may sound a bit crazy, but the fried chicken leg in this snack shop & deli with golden crispy chicken skin and juicy meat is really tasty. So forget about calories and just enjoy this great snack! Remember to order the one with spice powder if you love spicy food.

Cart noodle with great combination  Man Lee

(Photos by donbecbec & kikitse1750)

Cart noodle is a good choice with high efficiency and cheap price, just pick one noodle and few already-cooked topping, your bowl of cart noodle would be served soon. The satay soup of Man Lee is good and many people would love to order chicken wings, omasum and pig intestine as topping, all typical but tasty.

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