Alternative Choices in Kwun Tong: Restaurants in Industrial Buildings
If we go to Kwun Tong, we used to have meal in the shopping mall. But nowadays people change their habitats. They turn to restaurants in industrial buildings instead. Yes, it is old, it is silence, but all these are just the impression before you walk into the restaurants. In fact, the restaurants inside are just like another world, which are quite different with the outlook. “I can’t imagine that I can enjoy the Western food inside an industrial building!” “The decoration is quite beautiful indeed.” Please don’t wait to try out the new trend of catering.

Romantic Western Restaurant    i kitchen

Photos by much168 & sunflower123

The lighting is dim in i kitchen. The menu is filled with special dishes. The baked beef filled Wellington-Style is highly recommended. You can just see a loaf of bread on the plate, and you can’t see any beef. You need not surprise or think that the waiters get something wrong, because the beef is inside the bread! The shortbread is crumbly and locked the sauce inside, so that the beef is very juicy. Another popular dish is steamed creamy egg with scrimp & black caviar. The chef scoops out the egg and mixes the proteins with cream and black caviar. What a smooth egg it is. Of course, the price is not a “factory price” but “Western dishes price”!

Australia Dish in Carpark    Bondi

Photos by Beanie Foodie & Hunter115

You must not believe that this restaurant is located inside a carpark! But truly it is. “Chicken rolled with mushroom and boneless pork knuckle served with homemade plum sauce” is a must try dish. The food is folded up layers by layers, and the plum sauce tastes sour and sweet. You can try out four different flavors in one time, so rich and so match. However, the size is too small that you may not enough with it.

Hardly to Say Keep Fit    Mage Kitchen

Photos by moey & karcc

Both the main courses and desserts are attractive here. It is hardly to resist. For the “Grilled Supreme Wagyu Beef Hamburger Served with Potato Wedge & Cole Slaw, the burger is large in size and the beef is juicy. Together with the bacon, cheese, tomato and vegetables, you have to let it go, don’t focus on your bearing, just eat wildly. Note that the sauce for potato wedge is salad but not tomato, quite special. And for the dessert, you have to try the chocolate mousse, which is so chocolate. It is special for its crunchy biscuits inside the mousse layer. 。

Must try: Waffle   Bold Italic

Photos by LaurieR & maymay501hk

If you come to this restaurant for your meal, remember to try their waffle. There are several flavors, such as mango and blueberries, the waffle is crunchy after baking. The main point is that the waffle is made by green tea and you can taste lightly green tea flavor. Or if you are brave enough, you may try a very fresh combination: Smoked Duck Breast/Waffle /Pineapple/Cheese. All things are served with syrup. Remember to take a photo before you eat, so as to get a like in the social media, BRAVO!

Rare Dessert Restaurant in Kwun Tong  ACOCake

Photos by annielwy & JamTea

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