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Best Restaurant Awards 2016” Prize Presentation Ceremony was held on 4th May (Wednesday) at the Hotel ICON in Tsim Sha Tsui. Representatives from award-winning restaurants and renowned gourmets gathered in the ceremony to celebrate the 30 Best Restaurant Awards in town! Congratulations to all of the winners. And here are some of their sharing.

Farm Milk Co. Ltd.  Mr. Wong:

We are so honored that this is our third years to get the prize. We try our very best to maintain the food quality, such as the noodles with egg and spam are made one by one individually. And we usually sell 400 to 500 bowls of noodles on every Saturday and Sunday.

Sushi Man Mr. Leung:

The awards is the affirmation to our hard work in last year. We would like to give thanks to all the customers, bloggers and friends. We insist on making food by heart. Even that is a general sushi, customers can be touched if you make it by heart. They can feel it.

Lo Dim Dim Sum Mr. Chan:

I am happy for the prize and this is out of my expectation. We hope our customers can feel our hard work behind. We also hope to merge the characteristics of Canton-style and Hong Kong-style food together.

Market Hotpot Mr. Ho:

We are pleased to get the honour. We aim at creating a relax and happy dining atmosphere, reappearing the old good time in Hong Kong. And hope that the relationship among people can be better and better.  

Via Tokyo Mr. Kosei Kamatani:

There are more and more similar dessert restaurants these years, so that we have never thought that we can get the prize, thank you all of the customers. For us, releasing different taste of the dessert and icecream is not the most important thing. We insist on using excellent ingredients which are imported directly from Japan, no matter the cost is expensive. The quality of food is the most important thing.

Fooody  Kevin:

I am thankful to recieve so much support, even the restaurant not locate on busy streets and not so much promotion. We wish to Fooody can continue to bring the retro feeling with timeless beauty, and great fulfillable dining experience to all customers.

Yuan Is Here Ben:

Thanks for all voters’ recognition of our hard work and perseverance all over these days. We love the energy of Hong Kong, and we know Hong Kong people love Taiwan night street food as well. Thus, we will provide the real taste of southern Taiwan snack consistently.

Lady M

We are so happy for the popularity gained in Hong Kong! To be honest, we did worry about that our handmade cake without a very fancy presentation can get attention or not, and now the result is beyond our expectation. Lady M will keep create new seasonal cake for all supporters.

Hello Kitty Secret Garden

We would like to thank all the supporters! Understanding that many food lovers would like to take photo, we put many efforts on decor and dishes. Not just Hello Kitty fans, not a few men come to our restaurant for our gaggia coffee too! We will keep bringing surprise to all customers.

士林台灣麵 Mr Yi:

Thanks for all supporting year by year. The aim of our restaurant is bringing the ture authentic Taiwanese beef noodles to Hong Kong food lovers, this is also the reason that we insist to use ingredients from Taiwan. We wish customers will continue to support our philosophy.

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OpenRice Best Restaurant Awards
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