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神戶牛 Promo 絕對無呃人的. 但尚有上進空間!
神戶牛 Promo 絕對無呃人的. 但尚有上進空間!
JAN 10


I heard 牛陣 was promoting an All-You-Can-Eat, authentic Kobe Beef Shabu-shabu course to promote their newly opened K-11 shop. Knowing this chain is run by Japanese-owned 但馬屋, one of the most reliable World Beef importers which our group of friends always purchase from, we were not perturbed in giving them a trial run!

There are around 5 Levels of Beef Quality Available. 1) Normal, 2) Better, 3) Wagyu, 4) Better Wagyu, *5) Promotional only Kobe Beef.
The normal 3) Wagyu ($2XX) and Better-Quality 4) Wagyu ($328) use the cheaper cut from Belly and Brisket part. Its something I don't like eating !
The Kobe Wagyu ($450), which is of the real Hyogo prefecture steer, is a little more expensive, however I decided to order this after asking which muscle cut they use and they said its sourced from along the Back - which usually carries the more expensive cuts. Worth a gamble, as I don't like Wagyu Brisket. When this arrived, it was pretty good indeed. But truth be told, I couldn't work out which muscle this comes from since I have little experience with visually judging various Wagyu cuts. I figured its not the Chuck because that usually has a lot of sinewy tendons, despite appearing to be very marbled - I hate Wagyu Chuck cuts, its deceiving! It looks a little like a Topside or Rump but closer to the Sirloin? Who cares!
Beef taste was quite strong, very well marbled. The only let-down is that, they were shaved so thin.... you can't taste much eating them 1 piece at a time. I hate thin beef! So I cooked them 3-4 pieces at a time to compensate! loltongue
Other stuff like Scallops, Fish, Vegies, Noodles, Haagen Dazs Ice-Creams were all refillable, tried a bit of these and they were really high quality too.
The biggest weakness of ordering the most Expensive Kobe Beef Set, is that you can surprisingly only choose 1 Soup Base, rather than a Hybrid - to me, this doesn't make sense mate! sad

I know I should not have succumbed, but I ordered the sweetish Sukiyaki flavoured soup that night - even though its just Sukiyaki-Flavoured-Shabu rather than real Sukiyaki-Sukiyaki! I normally don't like Sukiyaki much at all whether its the Shabu or real Sukiyaki versions, but since our friends just made a home-style Sukiyaki not long before using very expensive beef and the Best Sauce available imported from Japan, which was awesome, we were keen to make a direct comparison! In hindsight, I should have picked the Konbu version (normally $20 cheaper, but not for this set, strange!) or Soy Milk version. Yet as pointed out above - this wouldn't even be an issue if the Gyujin shop got rid of that stupid rule of allowing only 1 soup rather than 2 soup-bases for their most expensive set! >.<

I don't know how to rate this meal fairly: I didn't think it was spectacular nor exciting for me, considering the Soup base selection was restricted to 1 and also the way the Wagyu were sliced way too thinly! Having said that, it was certainly Value for Money - seeing how perfectly marbled and meaty each one of these Kobe Beef were, and they did not cheat by given worser quality towards the end either! tongue

Around High '3' to High '4'.
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神戶牛 Promo 絕對無呃人的. 但尚有上進空間!

神戶牛 Promo 絕對無呃人的. 但尚有上進空間! - 尖沙咀的牛陣)
神戶牛 Promo 絕對無呃人的. 但尚有上進空間!
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mochachocolatarita Have you ever considered trying their cheapest beef? Kekekekekeke. One little thing, I find things like soup base and sauces from Gyu Jin are a bit on the too sweet side for me. I will consider bringing my own soy sauce next time. I need more salt to be able to eat more beef tongue
2011-03-30 · 回應
HK Epicurus
HK Epicurus It was way too sweet for me.

Actually when I wrote this, I only tried their Kobe Wagyu beef, but since then I have tried there cheaper beef and have updated it on my blog already lol

The cheaper beef is so-so only la... I prefer the wagyu keke. And yes I really like more salt with my beef, and I prefer them grilled !!
之前去過apm 食過一次和牛~~今次揀返普通牛~~叫咗個148 的餐~~都係任食雪糕~~ 整體嚟講~~服務一般~~環境好嘈~~ 成餐飯係不停咁聽到啲待應~~好大聲咁用對講機講嘢~~ 係完全唔明點解要咁大聲講囉...
很久沒去牛陣... 因為在2間分店都有不愉快經歷 今次來到I-Square.. 看到平日最平的牛肉的價錢由$100加到 $118 但有Häagen-Dazs雪糕 smile 我就決定再去食 久違了的改變 chopstick原來自肋配料方面 多了...