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港鐵銅鑼灣站 A 出口, 步行約4分鐘
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全天候供應Brunch的餐廳,位置靜中帶旺,而且環境寬闊,裝修走歐陸風,氣氛熱鬧,適合任何時間享受一個悠閒的Brunch或英式早餐。另外,餐廳亦有供應豐富菜式如雜扒和其他肉類。 繼續閱讀
星期一至日: 09:00-23:00
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完美既egg benedict 焦點食評
新晉食家 2016-08-06
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又忙完一個星期,難得放假,當然要同屈小姐拍下拖啦! 一大清早就出左去搵屈小姐啦,一見到佢個look, 即刻醒哂)忙完一大輪,今日既晚餐就去左食Brunch Club, 係上年賴生生日屈小姐帶佢去既地方,食左佢人生第一個Egg Benedict! 一試便愛上了! 今次算係半故地重遊啦,去左銅鑼灣果間(上環先係故地)。忙碌完,獎勵自己是常識吧!今晚既增肥餐豐富囉, 有以下美食:1) Egg Benedict with mushroom- 呢個係暫時食過咁多間最好食既Egg Benedict, 菇,蛋, Hollandaise sauce 各自發揮所長,而合埋之後唔會搶味,令味道昇華,富蛋香而淡淡菇味! 一流!塊薯餅好脆,而且富有薯仔味,唔好點茄汁食,會浪費左唯一一樣係個包…唔夠脆! (但你去上環果間啦,果間就perfect,上環5星/銅鑼灣4.5星 你懂的)2) Brunch Club Salad- 呢個沙律都好好呀! 面頭果塊羊奶芝士多士,好好味,羊奶芝士又香又濃,一齊食會遮左個多士既味,只要你分開食,你會發現佢個多士本身都好好味! 煙三文魚唔係勁薄而又切唔開果d, 而係有魚同煙燻味既靚野黎! 煙肉又唔係淨係得肥膏,火腿又香又夠味,加上個沙律醬甜甜地溝埋好好食,最後再配醃青瓜,超開胃! 唔怕肥嘅食肉獸岩哂缺點係: 雞肉無味太鞋,沙樂美腸太咸啦(4星)3) Mixed Seafood Risotto-都好好味呀! D煙三文魚好正! 加埋入面勁多洋蔥粒,又香又甜! 正!又係啦…d飯熟過頭…如果硬番小小,更有口感更佳(4.5星)最後埋單都係$385,我地都捧住個肚走, 性價比唔錯#識食一定係上環 #增肥之旅 #踏上這無盡旅途 繼續閱讀
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入門食家 2016-10-18
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It was a weekend and I just want a all-day-breakfast for my eye opener. I looked at the menu and looks like the "mix grill" is what I wanted as it contained 2 eggs, bread, bacon, chicken breast, pork sausage, onions, tomato, baked beans and hash brown... looks deliciousWaited for around 10 minutes and the food arrived. hmm... looks bad.... but taste worse!!I requested soft scramble egg but turn out to be diced boiled egg ??!!. The boiled egg was hard and mixed with some mayo already? didn't like the taste.  Bacon tasted like compressed cheap meat and taste nothing like bacon. The bread is rough and dry.  Baked beans is on the sour side. The sausage is still acceptable. The gammon ham definitely tasted off and I just can't swallow. And chicken meat? i don't even remember i taste anything like chicken during the meal... did I just missed it or something? Interesting to see fried onions with this combo and but what is more interesting is that I wonder which item from this mix grill is grilled... ...really.. such a disappointed breakfast... Bad name, bad taste...  but at least the hot chocolate is up to standard....   繼續閱讀
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見習食家 2016-10-13
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Ordered:Egg Benedict - Salmon (got 25%off with openrice coupon)Rating: 8/10Portion was okay but I found it kinda small to me. The hash brown was really good. Cruchy and not too oily.Risotto - MushroomRating: 9/10The service was okay. People are nice in general, but one waitress didn't even know about the openrice coupon and almost wanted to tell me that the discount I saw didn't exist.(Note: If you wanted to use the openrice coupon for Egg Benedict or All Day Breakfast, make sure to bring a paper copy)Drinks were buy-one-get-one-free after 6pm. It was cool, but the deal was rather inflexible as it required us to order the same drink for the free drink.Overall it was a good restaurant. 繼續閱讀
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