Restaurant Review Guidelines

The Company uses its best effort to develop an online community where food-lovers congregate to exchange dining information. In order to keep the Channels useful to users and not overrun with commercial noise, hate speech or useless information, Users should not submit restaurant review which :-

  1. is written by the owner, employee or its agent of such restaurant
  2. is driven by interest offered by restaurant or its agent
  3. is submitted more than once for the same visit
  4. is insulting, defamatory, provocative, and/or misleading content
  5. is with libel or personal attacks in the nature of words or pictures
  6. is copied or plagiarized from other reviews/copyrighted materials without prior permission
  7. contains second-hand experience or hearsay content
  8. contains commercial or promotional messages
  9. contains foul language and/or obscene images
  10. is not writing dining experience
  11. is without solid description on food and service
  12. contains serious complaint but did not provide evidence e.g. photos etc...
  13. is response to other published review
  14. contains photo only
  15. submits restaurant information only
  16. use external photo links
  17. is with restaurant ratings are not synchronize with review content
  18. mentions the name or any personal particulars of restaurant staff
  19. contains illegal or privacy content

The Company reserves the rights to remove or not to publish any restaurant review content of which include any of the above elements or based on any other reasonable ground.