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Period: 22nd of Feb 2012 to 5th of Apr 2012
Cuisines: 22nd of Feb 2012 to 14th of Mar 2012  |  Districts: 15th of Mar 2012 to 5th of Apr 2012
Voters who successfully completed the voting process in one of category will automatically fall into our lucky draws.
You will have more chance to win $150,000 prizes with each vote.
Win $150,000 Fabulous Prizes
1st winner (x1)
2nd Prize (x2)
3rd Prize (x10)
Special Prize (x500)
Cheesess signature sauces (Worth $38)
Special Prizes through QR Code Voting
iPhone 4S 16GB (x1)
Lucullus Gourmet Shop $30 Cash Voucher (x300) Details
Win extra prizes with using IE 8/9 to vote:
Travel Voucher
8,000, $5,000, $2,000 (each prize x 1)
$100 Supermarket Voucher
(x 200)