DEC 03
i got dinner on 24 Dec. before 7.30pm, basically, U can have a table without booking. of course, U can't miss hot pot with lamb. i think 1/2 portion is very enough for 4 unless U are a lamb addict. but i don't like their sauce for lamb bcos it's not too original. in beijing, U can have several dishes for different taste of sauce but here they just give U a bowl and mix all the sauce into a bowl. it seems a bit awful. i asked waiter how come they don't provide different sauces and he said it's a very traditional way to eat lamb with different sauces but they can't provide it like that. a little disappointed!!! however, U can ask waiter to give U more bowls for different sauces. actually their hot pot was burning by coal. so i suggest someone who want to eat it to choose a table next to the window and if necessary, U can open the window and let fresh air coming in. i also tried their sweet and sour fish. it's $88 for a whole fish. big portion! if U try it on Thur. it's just for $65 something. but it's not too crispy. maybe the fish is not fried deeply. i also tried their dumpling for hot pot. $30 per 10 pieces. quite good! and hand-made noodle for hot pot too. $20 per bowl. Okay! the shreded meat with fired box. the fired box is quite crispy. i can say U can have it at another peking restranut. MUST TRY!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! but the service is not so good! sad waitdress is better. she provide some dessert with complimentary.
Value for money
天氣好凍~ 又去泰豐廔涮羊肉~ 遲左決定~ 差d訂唔到位~ 除左涮羊肉~ 既羊肉之外, 貢丸, 龍蝦丸, 蝦肉片, 帶子都唔錯~ 至正係佢用碳爐, 十分之有風味~ 食完真係暖笠笠~ 今次去約莫$500 3個人........
近2日涷左少少,即時約埋幾個好友涮羊肉, 水準十分穩定, 羊肉唔算好蘇, 幾有肉味~ 另外都幾欣賞佢地用炭爐, 食完後除左一身蘇之外, 仲有DD炭味.....