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Hong Kong 澳門 深圳
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Le Caviar Imperial Le Caviar Imperial
L'Oursin L'Oursin
Le King Crabe Le King Crabe
L'Onglet L'Onglet
L'Agneau L'Agneau
La Fraise La Fraise
La Mangue La Mangue
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Came here with a friend who had not dined here before and I was pretty sure he was just as impressed as I was. In terms of the food, there was a variety of dishes that I had wanted to try from analysing (yes analysing!) the menu on a previous visit and the manager was able to remember with amazing clarity what I had wanted to try. Talk about good memory!

We each had our own appetisers and ended up sharing a number of dishes for mains.

For appetisers I had the L'Oursin which was a sea urchin and lobster jelly topped with a cauliflower cream and brocoli puree. The sea urchin was so smooth and creamy and coupled with the lobster jelly, it really tasted of the ocean.


L'Oursin - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central )
My friend had the Le Caviar Imperial. From the spoonful I tasted, the caviar was softer and less salty than I had expected, however for som strange reason though, I thought the bottom layer was tofu due to the soft texture, but it turned out to be crab meat. It was interesting, but not really my cup of tea.

Le Caviar Imperial

Le Caviar Imperial - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central )
Le Caviar Imperial
The Le King Crabe was one of the dishes I had wanted to try because of the magic word 'burrata' and it was so good! Arriving as a much bigger serving than we had expected, it was full of fresh lettuce hearts, lightly pan fried crab meat, avocado and the creamy softness of the burrata cheese. The flavour was quite light, but all the components of the dish were complimentary to each other.

Le King Crabe

Le King Crabe - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central )
Le King Crabe
The L'Onglet was visually pleasing. A gold foiled quail egg graced the top of the steak tartare surrounded by a bed of finely grated black truffle. The texture of the tartare was incredibly soft, and the zesty tang of the marinade melded well with the natural flavour of the beef. The mixing in of the quail egg softened the flavour of the tartare, but enhanced its overall smoothness. This was accompanied by shoestring fries and thinly sliced pieces of toasted of sour dough.


L'Onglet - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central )
And then the main attraction of the night arrived.. in the form of lamb cutlets. To be honest, having been brought up in Australia, I have had the pleasure in eating good quality lamb so when the manager had informed us previously that late April to May is lamb season I was quite intrigued to try. We had lamb cutlets served in two different ways. The first was baby lamb cutlets cooked with thyme and the other was slow-braised cutlets rolled in black truffle. The lamb was stunning. Imported from France, the meat was cooked to a perfect blushing pink, each mouthful was so tender with no hint of gaminess at all. Definitely worth trying~


L'Agneau - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central )
L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon's photo in Central )
And then to dessert. The Le Mangue was first. A small cup of fresh mango cream with apricot and biscuit pieces topped with yoghurt sorbet. It was light, but I found the apricot pieces to be quite sour. It was quite anti-climatic after such a great meal as it seemed so normal, but the Le Fraise more than made up for it. It was so pink and cute~ with the sharp, sweet berry flavours from the strawberry mousse and sorbet making for a very summery dessert.

La Mangue

La Mangue - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central )
La Mangue

La Fraise

La Fraise - L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Central )
La Fraise
Once again, was utterly blown away by the dining experience. The food, the service.. just amazing!
Made a reservation for a table for 2. Upon arrival they sat us at the bar, which wasn't what I was looking for; I wanted a table but they said the bar was all they had. Obviously that wasn't ac...
很忙碌,很勞氣,很需要鼓勵,決定來這裡吃個漢堡包。 一個人來,當然也要求坐望見廚房的吧檯,跟法籍領班寒暄幾句,簡單的要了前菜及漢堡,就自己靜靜的吃一個午餐。 例牌先來個開胃菜,是日的是芫茜芝士慕絲配蕃...