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Shek O Chinese & Thai Restaurant 石澳中泰酒家
English Address : G/F, 303 Shek O Village Shek O
Chinese Address : 石澳石澳村303號地下
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Phone No. : 2809-4426 | 2809-2202
Categories : Thai | Chinese Restaurant | Dim Sum Restaurant | Dim Sum
Spending : $101-$200
Overall Score : 3.4
Review : good20, OK11, bad2

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Other Information

Payment Method: Visa、Master、AE、Cash
Alcoholic Drinks: Yes
10% Service Charge: Yes
TV: Yes

Gourmet Reviews

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1 to 4 of 4 reviews:

Maybe my favorite restaurant in HKgood
royalty524 (9 Review(s))

My wife and I eat here at least once a month for date night / get out of the city trip. We bring all of our visitors here, who all love it. This place might be my favorite restaurant in HK. The atmosphere is so relaxed and reminiscent of my home in California. There is no rush. The prices are great . Beer is cheap. And the food, the food is delicious. I've yet to have anything that I did not like. Don't be afraid to just try something here, I'm confident it will taste great. The spicey-ness of the food works great on a hot day, or maybe it's the beer...

Favorite dishes:
Prawns in Red Curry with white sauce - Our favorite dish. Flavor packed, slightly spicey, messy. This with a side of white rice is gold.
Fried Spicy Squid - Perfectly cooked with a side of salt and chilli's
Morning Glory (or Bok Choy) with Oyster Sauce - Tastes good, feels healthy
Prawns with Chinese style broth - Heavy with peppercorn and Star Anise. If you like Pho you will like this flavor.
Other great dishes:
Fried frogs legs - My favorite frog style
Fried Squid with Honey - Sweet alternative
Fried Spicy Tofu - They aren't kidding about spicy
Green Curry with Vegetables - Spot on, building spice
Steamed Crab - It's fresh and very well seasoned

Recommended Dish(es): Prawns in Red Curry with White Sauce,Fried Spicy squid,Green Curry
Date of Visit: 2012-06-09
Table Wait Time: 0 Minutes
Spending per Head: HK$120 (Dinner)
Rating :   Taste5   Environment5   Service4   Hygiene3   Value for Money5

Once more..good
hinton1972 (57 Review(s))

Once again, great.

Red curry - really flaoursome.
Green curry - lovely and creamy and the meat was good too.
Yellow curry - easily the best I have had in HK.
Thai noodles and prawn - a little dry but still good,
Thai fried rice - gone in seconds.
Prawn spring rolls - crunchy, hot and delicious.
Young coconut drink - great and the coconut flesh was lovely and soft.

Food was quick to arrive and piping hot too.

Can't recommend this place enough.

Date of Visit: 2011-08-18
Table Wait Time: 0 Minutes
Spending per Head: HK$90 (Dinner)
Rating :   Taste5   Environment5   Service5   Hygiene5   Value for Money5

hinton1972 (57 Review(s))

Easily the best Thai to be found on Hong Kong island.

Having visited Thailand on numerous occasions, I have always been disappointed with the Thai food in Hong Kong. It is always bent towards the Hong Kong taste which I fully understand, but sometimes things need to be a bit more authentic, which this restaurant is when it comes to simple Thai dishes. However, this is a rare find as the food is delicious, plentiful and good value.

The green curry was not filled with aubergine - unusual for Hong Kong, and it was also a natural green rather than the usual bright vivid green usually found in restaurants here. Spicy, but nicely so. Prawns cooked well.

The tom yum gung was awesome and for once had the spice it should have. Really light and fresh and really hot which again is something that other restaurants don't seem to grasp. Lovely.

Thai fried rice with prawns - all the authentic tastes needed and was a good size.

The beer was fresh and cold and good value too. Wanted to go for the three litre table top keg but my wife wouldn't let time.

It's a scratty place but often that usually reflects on the food - the worse the decor the better the food, and this was certainly the case here.

Service was good and staff were friendly and happily described differences between rice dishes.

I would happily take a taxi just to go back here for lunch or dinner. There is of course the added bonus of the beach less than a minute away, but the food was great and it has been a relief to find Thai food that actually tastes as though it originated in Thailand without losing anything along the way.

Date of Visit: 2011-08-05
Table Wait Time: 0 Minutes
Spending per Head: HK$40 (Lunch)
Rating :   Taste5   Environment3   Service5   Hygiene4   Value for Money5

Pretty good...better price!good
big_apple_ken (52 Review(s))

Went for a hike in Shek-O with friends and ended up at Shek O Chinese & Thai Restaurant afterwards based on a friend's recommendation (I also double checked it on my Openrice Iphone app beforehand to make sure). My initial impression was any place that is called "Chinese & Thai" can't be all that great but with no unhappy faces on Openrice I decided to give this place a go.

Environment: Pretty laid back and bare bones like most restaurants in Shek O. I consider these more like Chinese store (士多) or dai pai dong (大排檔) style. Basically you are not paying for the decor. It's not uncomfortable in any way but you shouldn't expect too much from a beach area restaurant (if you want more go to Stanley).

Service: The waitress was accommodating and friendly. Food came quickly and my only minor gripe was they forgot our garlic with pea shoots dish. By the time we realized we were already pretty full so we just told them to forget about it.

So after gathering information amongst friends who had been there before we decided to order the following:

Appetizer Sampler: Comes with chicken wrapped in pandan leaf, shrimp cakes, fish cakes and spring rolls. My major gripe with this dish was the shrimp/fish cakes were only 'warm' while the other 2 appetizers were piping hot. The shrimp/fish cakes tasted 'ok'. Definitely would have helped if they were served hotter. Springs rolls were great. Good flavor and really crispy skin. Chicken wrapped in pandan leaf was also pretty tasty. Maybe next time I might just order the spring roll & chicken appetizers separately instead of ordering the sampler.

Shrimp Tom Yum Soup: I quite liked this. Soup was flavorful and the right amount of sourness. A solid choice.

Deep Fried Bean Curd: Decent. Probably doesn't require the additional salt to dip it in since it was already quite salty.

Pad Thai: Surprisingly good. Definitely will order this again.

Chicken & Beef Satay: Pretty decent but I felt was a tad overcooked (a little too chewy in texture).

Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice: Ordered this for my vegetarian friend. He said this was pretty decent.

Yellow Chicken Curry: We ordered a milder curry for people who couldn't eat spicy. Was decent but nothing spectacular.

Overall the food was pretty decent with a few standouts. The final bill came out to $80/each!!! I just thought that was quite a steal considering we drank quite a bit. Definitely will come back next time I am in Shek O.

Recommended Dish(es): Pad Thai & Shrimp Tom Yum
Date of Visit: 2009-11-15
Spending per Head: HK$80
Rating :   Taste4   Environment3   Service4   Hygiene3   Value for Money5

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