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La Scala 花月庭
English Address : 2/F, Royal Plaza Hotel, 193 Prince Edward Road West Mong Kok
Chinese Address : 旺角太子道西193號帝京酒店2樓
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Phone No. : 2622 6154
Categories : International | Hotel Restaurant | Buffet | Certified Halal Food | Group Dining | Special Occasion Dining
Spending : $201-$400
Overall Score : 3.5
Review : good213, OK79, bad62

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Other Information

Signature Dishes:  Iced Boston Lobster、Braised Oxtail in Red Wine、Stewed Lamb Shank in Italian style、Grilled Shrimp with Beef、Abalone and Goose Web with seasonal vegetables
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 06:00-23:00
Number of Seats: 380
Payment Method: Visa、Master、AE、Cash、UnionPay、Others :
Alcoholic Drinks: Yes
May Bring Your Own Wine: Yes
Cake-cutting: Yes
10% Service Charge: Yes
Phone Reservation: Yes
Parking: Yes

Gourmet Reviews

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An unexpectedly well served buffetgood
anickgela (Non-member)

An excellent buffet with many fresh food to offer. Three types of oyster opened fresh: Canada, US and French oysters. I don;t need to put any sauce on to cover any odourous taste. Strongly recommend to go for the oysters!tongue

The sashimi bar also offered fresh salmon pieces, but the abalone sashimi is not as fresh. smile

The chowder soup is marvellous with plenty of clams and crab meat of superb taste. Plus a variety of bread to serve with. Another excellence tongue

The shrimps are a bit disappointed, the shells are soft and the meat is a bit soggy. mad

There are a lot to choose for desserts and I do have to say all taste great although i am not a dessert fan. tongue

Great hospitatlity and waiter are very polite.tongue

Now 30% off for standard chartered card holders. What a good deal for such good food! tonguetonguetongue

Thank you for my friend's invitation. I'm loving it.

Recommended Dish(es): 生蠔,刺身,蟹腳,甜品
Table Wait Time: 0 Minutes
Dining Offers: Credit Card Offers
Spending per Head: HK$400 (Dinner)
Overall Rating :   Taste4   Environment5   Service5   Hygiene5   Value for Money4

Don't Waste Your Money = BIG DISAPPOINTMENTbad
Chiligal (4 Review(s))

We normally enjoy going to the dinner buffet once every two or three months.
Our meal was sooooooo very bad yesterday ..... such a big disappointment.
The quality of food and selection have gone down hill.
We ate there in April, it was so great. However, here is the difference this time:
NO suckling pig, NO peking duck -- replaced by hoi nam chicken. NOT acceptable!
NO all you can eat lobster -- only a half portion brought to your table -- the lobster was chopped up with lots of onions. Could not taste the lobster.
Lamb chops -- not grilled as they serve you, but all cooked ahead and the meat is dry
Raw oysters was a new addition -- small in size and not cold enough! You are allowed only two oysters each time. Only one person opening the oysters with many guests in line!!
Cold cuts -- salami, ham, etc. -- still okay, but need some nicer breads or crackers to accompany them.
Duck feet -- overcooked, no taste
Tuna sashimi -- Japanese section is okay
Desserts -- about the same

We were very disappointed with the selection -- many good dishes were gone and the quality has gone downhill.
Don't waste your money!

Date of Visit: 2010-06-29
Spending per Head: HK$318 (Dinner)
Overall Rating :   Taste2   Environment3   Service3   Hygiene3   Value for Money1

family gatheringgood
annawongsw (2 Review(s))

First have to give some credit to the booking staff: Rang up and book the table for 5 aweek before and have reqest them to give us a table at the conner or window as we have a 5months old baby that was going with us. Staff automatically ask do we need a baby chair ready.
Also i rang back 1day before the buffet cause i thought i have gotten a wrong date; although staff was busy and told me they have to ring back but they really did rang back within 2hrs. Some people may think that is bad service but i have experience lots of places that never ring back. And the staff at the table are very nice too, very helpful with picture taken and very fast service with water filling and dish collect.
For the buffet there is plenty of choices to choose from, I don't think anyone can try everything there within a night. Althought we are allow to eat for 5hrs(6pm-11pm with a higher price) but after 2hrs, there was no more room, so if people go on weekday, the hotel offer a cheaper price for 2hrs, and i think that is already enough.
Cold dish: different kind of sashimimad(very fresh), sushi, shell fish, veg, smoke salmon and ham.....
Hot dish: Roast Lobster(which actually a bit dry), bbq beef in thin slicemad(highly recommanded), roastbeef, peking duck, lamb chop(quite nice), Fresh cook pasta........
Pudding: Brownie, lemon tart(very refreshing after a big meal), chocolate fountain, fruit, blueberry crumble.......
Free Drinks: Coffee, Tea, orange juice, lemon tea, grape special
We have the openrice coupon and for 6people we spend $1819 on a Sunday and that allow us to have 3hrs free parking.

The only complaint huffyi have is why can't have picture taken at the buffet area, if people is not in the way for picture taken, whats the harm. People is paying good money and what they want is a great memory to keep while they enjoy themselves at your buffet and what you serve is actually part of it, is that hard to understand??

Date of Visit: 2010-02-27
Spending per Head: HK$300 (Dinner)
Overall Rating :   Taste3   Environment4   Service5   Hygiene5   Value for Money3

value for money!!!good
cute-baby-angel (37 Review(s))

i stayed at royal plaza for 3 weeks so i got 30% off the evening buffet price
as i went on a friday its $428 -30%= $299.6= $42.8 service charge= 342.4 each adult


the choice is VERY good, i would say its international cuisine... not just a certain theme like seafood or meat

the sefood selection was very good, mini lobster, as i call them scampi's, crevettes, smoked salmon, whelks, snow crab, italian pastrimi, great selection of sald, and over 8 dressing... EXTRA points for this!!!
then there was these mini glasses with shrimp cocktail and kangeroo salad
there there was sushi and sashimi, with chcken skin skewers and chicken wing skewers, and soft shell crab, vegetable and king prawn tempura.
there was wagyu beef, lamb chops and mini lobsters accopanied with many sauces, hot food, potato gratin, vegetable crab in sake sauce, chinese roast, hainan chicken,peking duck rolls, traditional ngow tsap, soups, langoustines, pasta selection and dessert section!!!

too many to name!!

i did notice ...we paid for the full night cost (6pm-11pm) we sat for at least 4 hours talking and eating and i noticed as the evening went on different food was filled in... example at 7pm there was no ginger spring onion lobster claw but 9pm there was!!!

included in the price was orange juice, tea coffee lemon tea....

the highlight for me was the salad, wagyu beef which i asked for RARE!!!! the chef goes... but its raw!! i said yes!! thats how it should be eaten... with squeeze of lemon juice... with the potato gratin!!

oh and the suckling pig... but be quick.. asi think its limited!!!

liek others said i dont know why your complaining cos he wagyu beef and lobster is unlimited!!!

def come back again!!!!

p.s the food was very fresh and they had a show when the chef came out to prepare the alaska ice cream hing... although it said no photos... ia sked the guy think he was a waiter... he said yes you may then the crowd ... everyone whipped their camera's out!!!

Date of Visit: 2010-02-05
Overall Rating :   Taste5   Environment4   Service4   Hygiene4   Value for Money5

Bang For Your Buck Buffet :Ogood
HK Epicurus (1113 Review(s))

Look - I haven't been a serious fan of buffets since at least 2 decades ago... and if anyone suggests visiting one I'm always the first to put my feet up and reject the idea! tongue Back in the childhood days when I still lived in Hong Kong, our family and relatives always ventured out to try hotel buffet offerings, especially the TST East and CWB shops. Again, again and again, year in, year out. No wonder I was chubby as a kid smile Admittedly, its almost treated as a Taboo when a Foodie goes out to eat at buffet restaurants and I can just imagine some people reading this starting look down on me now for admitting that YES, I ATE AT A BUFFET RECENTLY! smile However, there are certainly times when a Buffet is just what a group of friends need since it always provides something that suits each individual's tastebud and preferences. Of course, PROVIDED the Food execution and choices are done pretty well, such as here!

The LA SCALA buffet is actually better than I had expected VS the pricing! Taking into consideration the Openrice Voucher's 25% discount, this meal only ended up being in the very low $300's per person.

The 回本 food include the Cold Platter Crawfishes (aka mini Crayfish), medium sized 上湯焗龍蝦 (which in my batches that night were fresh tasting and not 霉, nice!), the grilled Wagyu Strips were also way marbled than expected with Wagyu tasting fat and are from the sirloin part, which I ate a large bunch of and ordered them cooked 'rarer'! The 'Digital-grilled' Peking Duck was also juicy and crispy despite the lack of fruit wood aromas. The Raw Fish section had a 'larger than expected' range of seafoods, including raw Scallops, 劍魚腩, Tuna, Anago Eel, Unagi Eel, Sweet Prawns, Mantis Shrimps, Salmon, Snapper, Yellowtail, etc - to me, this shows some 誠意 as many buffet places have minimal selections, although in real life these all tasted quite awful. tongue

The Hainanese Chicken Rice came with a good rice and even a caramelised dark soy-sauce, the latter can't even be found in most Hainanese specialty shops! How considerate! You also get to pick from a few Haagen Dazs ice-creams and also Dairy Farm and other ones, even including 鳳仙's, and not to mention the Freshly Made Candy Floss! Others include Belgian Waffles, the Baked Ice-Cream Alaska that's on show twice a night, Crepes, Chocolate Fountains, Tiramisu's, etc.

There's a lot more food than I had mentioned. Free Juice and Lemon Teas, Daily Roasts, Pastas, Curries, Crab Claws, Cheeses, Whelks and Mussels and Tiger Prawns, plus lots more. If they keep the food standards here - I would actually be willing to come back once in a while and stuff myself full of Lobsters and Wagyu Beef and Candy Floss! smile

Spending per Head: HK$330
Overall Rating :   Taste4   Environment4   Service4   Hygiene3   Value for Money5

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