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TIT*F (Closed)
English Address : G/F, 25 Morton Terrace Causeway Bay
Chinese Address : 銅鑼灣摩頓台25號地下
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Phone No. : 2805 6998
Categories : Western | Bakery
Spending : Below $50
Overall Score : 3.8
Review : good150, OK37, bad10

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Other Information

Opening Hours: Mon. -Sun. 06:30-21:00
Payment Method: Cash

Gourmet Reviews

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Best Bakery in Town!good
purpledino (Non-member)

I have been to TITF many times and it is truly amazing bakery.
Today, I tried the potato cheese bread which was freshly baked! It was so warm and hot and simply delicious!!!
It exceeded expectations!!
THe potato was mashed, with nice creamy texture and cheese.
The filling was very generous!

Others which I have tried and have consistently been good:
-Green tea cake: light, fluffy, soft!
-German Pudding: Improved version of HK egg tarts with chocolate at the bottom
-Cheese cake
-Herb and vegetable (purple cabbage) bread: herb taste is delicious!!! goes very well together

The cashier lady is super friendly and helpful too, always willing to tell me what is new and giving me the names of the breads.
Although it is small, I think it is one of the best bakeries in Hong Kong!

Recommended Dish(es): Green tea cake,herb bread,cheese cake,potato and cheese bread
Date of Visit: 2012-07-21
Takeaway Wait Time: 0 Minutes
Spending per Head: HK$30 (Tea)
Rating :   Taste5   Environment4   Service5   Hygiene5   Value for Money5

TIT*F ! You’re the best !good
Rittierabbit (104 Review(s))

Actually I’ve been to TIT*F twice before, but both visits were made after 7:30 pm so only plain white bread was left in the bakery.

Finally my third visit here was fruitful! It was on a weekday (around noon time) -- at the moment I stepped into the bakery, I was like “wow... what a great variety of bread and cakes in such a petite bakery!”

I loved their idea of wrapping most of the bread and cakes individually in plastic bags since it looked much more hygienic, especially when the bakery’s facing the road and the door’s wide open all the time.

Feeling a bit sick on that day, I wanted something plain only, but it wasn’t a bad idea after all since I could really focus on tasting the flavour and texture of the bread itself. A pack of colorful buns then came into my sight. Costing only $10 for three different flavours?! I picked it up without hesitation and headed towards the cashier…then I noticed a tray of lovely egg tarts!

"They are not egg tarts,” the saleslady corrected me, “They are called German pudding, $7 each..." I didn’t really care what the correct name should be, as they look alluring enough for me to buy one right away!

I went straight home from TIT*F in order to devour the little bread & tart asap, and the first thing I did when I got home, was to put the pudding into oven for reheating. Meanwhile I opened the bag of buns and was able to sniff the refreshing aroma of herbs immediately. Tempted to put the herb bread into my mouth first, but I ended up starting off with the “plainest” piece of bread (which is the sesame bun): the dough was considerably dense but incredibly soft! The white sesame on the top was finely roasted to a golden color, conveying both a pleasant aroma and palatable after-taste, as well as enhancing the flavour of the bun. Great!
The green tea bun came right after. The scent was not very strong, however the green tea flavour came natural and rich on the first bite (and the subsequent bites too, of course). The sweetness of the bread was just perfect, and the texture of the dough was just as good as the sesame bun. Nevertheless, the black sesame on the top enriched every bite with extra crispiness. Another nicely baked piece of bread.

I loved the herb bread most though, as it was full of fresh, herbal flavour and had a bit of “chewiness + sponginess” in addition to the soft texture. It was terrific and I could say this is one of the best piece of herb bread I’ve ever eaten! Definitely worth a try!
Finally, the German Pudding was ready hot from the oven! It actually resembled the tall egg tart cups at Yamazaki Bakery in terms of appearance, but definitely quite a huge difference in terms of flavour and texture. The “pudding” had subtle sweetness in order not to overshadow the natural egg and cream flavour within it. The texture was rich, smooth and creamy, which made a perfect combination with the flaky and crispy buttery crust. There wasn’t any chocolate at the bottom of the pudding which others mentioned, which I would consider “lucky” since I would rather enjoy the “pure” flavour of the pudding. (just thinking the pudding would taste like “crème brulee” after freezing it…)
Oh my goodness, everything was awesome! I would definitely re-visit the bakery again for other variety of bread. I deeply appreciate its use of genuine and natural ingredients plus creativity in bread baking. See you again soon, TIT*F !!!

Recommended Dish(es): 德國布丁,香草包
Spending per Head: HK$17 (Lunch)
Rating :   Taste5   Environment3   Service3   Hygiene4   Value for Money4

German pudding - creme brulee in an egg tartgood
supersupergirl (3536 Review(s))

This shop has been on my go list for ages, finally made it, but I only got one of the two items I wanted.

The bread with herbs and purple cabbage was sold out.

The shop keeper was very helpful and nice.

The German pudding I got resembles an egg tart, and looks like those egg tarts from Yamazaki bakery with a deep cup.

The taste of the filling and texture was like Creme Brulee, except that it was lighter and not so sweet.

At the bottom of the German pudding, I found some melted chocolate chips. The German pudding reminds me of Mark and Spencers egg custard tarts with nutmeg on the top, except the filling is much firmer for Marks the Spencers tart.

Rating :   Taste4   Environment4   Service5   Hygiene4   Value for Money4

Flo604 (77 Review(s))

when i wondered what to eat in a rush, i passed this bakery & attracted by the crowd inside & the smell of bread. There were quite a lot of choices, i wish i knew this shop months ago when i could not eat Eggs.

they actually indicated individual item contains or Not contain eggs. besides ordinary items, also some bags of buns so u can grab & go.

I took seseme bun since it looked good. the seseme smell good & I guess there was an extra process as it tasted better than other bakery. bread was soft & good

Takeaway Wait Time: 1 Minutes
Rating :   Taste3   Environment2   Service2   Hygiene3   Value for Money2

Another sweet escape from Tit F!good
fangfiona (121 Review(s))

Came here after a nice buffet dinner in Causeway Bay - simply canNOT resist its goodness even with a full stomach!

I always like their green tea items ever since I have developed an unusual liking to (basically) all things green tea upon coming home to my dear HK. I recommend the following items that you better try if you catch them on the shelf, as they aren't always available:

1. Green tea red bean loaf ($16)
It's a nice big loaf of soft green tea goodness, folded with red beans and thin layers of semi-dry cream cheese on the inside. The bread base is neutral, of a very mild sweetness. I like to enjoy it with a glass of cold milk.

2. Chestnut cream milk bread ($13 half or $26 whole)
The filling is so rich with 2 layers - one being sweetened mashed chestnut, and the lower layer a custard-like, but drier, substance. Together it's smooth and velvety, a treat itself! It's a bit like the French chestnut spread (the ones sold in jars, made famous by Bonne Maman), but with a dairy touch to it. The bread is sweeter than the green tea bread. Perhaps a bit too sweet for some people, but acceptable in small amounts.

3. Green tea red bean cake ($9)
Tit F somehow has interesting cake shapes; perhaps it's easier slicing it this way as a mass production technique (imagine baking a huge square pan and then slicing it parallel). anyhow, the cake base has some moisture to it but is not greasy like the blueberry cake (see my previous review); this is better than the latter.

All the items I tried here are of real substance - it's really noticeable and makes the whole culinary experience a lot more enjoyable. What I mean by "real substance" is that you can tell they use real ingredients, and generously as well. It's not full of corn syrup, colors of the rainbow, long-named preservatives etc. etc.; and everything is so hygienically packed.

The smiley lady was at the cashier again. She's really like an archetypal bakery person - think the ones from cartoons like anpanman! More Tit F adventures real soon. smile

Recommended Dish(es): green tea everything!
Spending per Head: HK$38
Rating :   Taste5   Environment3   Service5   Hygiene5   Value for Money4

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