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This is westerncake .
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westerncake  Trainee Gourmet
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nice place for sushi lovers Smile May 17, 2010   Edit
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Categories : Japanese | Sushi/Sashimi

My friends and I went to watch a movie at iSquare this Saturday. We decided to have lunch before the movie. I had been longing to try Monster Sushi for a long time. I suggested going there for lunch as I had never been there before. Their original store in MK is always busy. Fortunately, it didn’t take us very long to wait for a table this time.

The store is in fact much bigger than I thought. Cool renovation. Unlike some typical sushi restaurants where people are packed along the sushi bar fighting for food, Monster Sushi is much roomy and comfy. It is relatively less noisy that you can actually chat with your friends.

There were a lot of choices to choose in the menu of which we couldn’t try them all at once. So we decided to order lunch sets plus other dishes. Below were the dishes I ordered:

Cutlet Beef Steak Set 吉列牛扒餐 – Had never tried cutlet in beef before and was worried if the beef be overcooked after deep frying. But it was to my total pleasant surprise!!! The steak was wrapped by cheese before deep frying. So it turned out to be very juicy. I liked the cabbage salad very much.

Seared Tamago with Eel 厚燒玉子鰻魚 – Nice warm dish. The fried egg kept the juice and moist inside the eel. Very tasty and nicely done.

Scallop Sushi 帶子壽司 – Good huge size scallop and fresh. And I have to say the soy source dish made the difference. At first, I thought the soy source dish is too big. But for eating this giant scallop sushi, their soy source dish was a perfect match!

Seared Engawa Sushi 火灸左口魚邊壽司 – I have to say this was my favorite. Hirame doesn’t have a strong fishy taste. Like scallop, once the fish is seared, the taste of Hirame came out stronger. It went even better with the source prepared by the chief. This fatty engawa sushi just melted inside my mouth!

Wasabi Ice-cream with brownie 芥辣雪糕 – The brownie was alright. But wasabi ice-cream had a different kind of refreshness like no other favors can give you.

Overall, I liked the experience and the food. A minor point for improvement would be their tea. It was lukewarm whereas I like tea in hot. But for sure I would go back to try other dishes next time.
Date of Visit: May 08, 2010 

Spending per head: Approximately HK$150(Lunch)

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