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This is fish0905 living in Yuen Long. I am a 學生. I like to hang out in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom. Chiu Chow, Thai are my favorite cuisines. I also love and Dessert.
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fish0905  Novice Gourmet
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Novice Gourmet
This is ekee . I am a 903DJ , work in Kowloon Tong. Swiss, French, Mexican, 日本,上海 are my favorite cuisines. I also love Western Restaurant, Coffee & Tea Shop, Hotel Restaurant and Hot Pot, Ramen, 蟹鉗.

難得同同事食個LUNCH,心理狀態已好好lol 細蘇,阿金,西瓜與我一行四人行路去樂富。有人話去紅螞蟻,原來是紅蜻蜓madmadmadmadmad 我和阿金膽粗粗叫了咖喱(希望唔好係鼻涕HIN。。。) 細蘇話:咖喱無寫馳名兩個字喎 。。。。(-_____- ')咖喱:南洋風味,有椰汁,無打HIN,不是甜甜那種。有青椒黃蕉洋蔥,但不是HK STYLE CURRY。謝天謝地,很感動。 魚柳:薄薄的,味道OK,黏上很多汁。 飯...
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