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Stewed apple and caramel crepe
We spent...
Approx. HK$300 (Dinner)
JUN 10

I have always loved both salty and sweet crepe and so was very excited about a creperie opening in Hong Kong. Hard to reserve a table for dinner Friday night, they were packed at 6pm already, so we went at 5pm instead. Started with the cider which was wonderful, I was downing it so fast I forgot there was alcohol in it.

We had the following:
Ham Cheese and Egg
Les poulainsraclette – smoked ham, potatoes, cornichons, salad
Le flout mixed mushrooms -bacon, garlic, parsley, cream, salad
Le baronetre – stewed apple, salted butter caramel
Les pierresnoires – camembert, smoked ham, mixed mushroom, salad
Val de Rance sweet cider

The salty crepes were only ok I think because the fillings when combined as they were were quite strong. Out of all of them I preferred the simple ham, cheese and egg. The best was the stewed apple and salted butter caramel, it was even better than I hoped! Usually sweet crepes are filled with fruit and chocolate or cream, and the fruits are never sweet so they have to cover it with chocolate or cream, but with caramel and sweet stewed apple it was such a perfect combination!

Ended up the 2 bottles of the cider plus the crepes came to about $1000. I thought this was pricey but the caramel and stewed apple was worth it. Nice cozy place to chill out with your friends, gets crowded and noisy though but all the better atmosphere for a night out.
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早陣子在離誌看到這家身開的小店,我一直很想去試,不過可惜地點很不方便,未能有緣拜訪。直到今天我在灣仔那一帶上完堂,便跟家人來了這家試試這家的crepe究竟何方神聖。 一走進去,只見座無虛席,心下多了幾分把...