Value for money
FEB 12

Walked past and saw these packaged puddings exactly the same as the ones at Prince Edwards.
At that moment, I did not realise the name of the shop was different, I just recognised the packaging and the flavours.
The range they sold was exactly the same as the range at Prince Edwards.
As I did not try all the flavours last time at Prince Edwards, I bought the other flavours here.

After I checked Openrice I realised that this shop was called Hop Hing and the one at Prince Edwards is called Dai Kee, but
the range is exactly the same.
However they cost more here and are slightly bigger per slice.
They cost $15 for 3, but at Dai Kee, they cost $4 per slice and you can just buy one if you want.
Yuen Long Hop Hing's photo in Tsuen Wan )
MIDDLE in the photo
Pumpkin and Custard:
This was quite nice and not too sweet with pieces of pumpkin.
LEFT in the photo
This was my favourite one because it had the lightest taste.
RIGHT in the photo
Taro and Sago: This one tasted nice, but its texture made itself the odd one out from the other two I tried.
It was firmer than the other two, and there was more ingredients in it such as taro pieces and sago.
It was the sweetest and had the strongest flavour of the three.
Supplementary Information
Review at Dai Kee

Price: $15 for 3
Service: Ok
Yummy factor: I'll be back
Sweetness levels: Just right
經過荃灣南豐中心,發現了 [元朗合興] 的分店,立即被那些懷舊美食所吸引,店裡有很多選擇,企了5分鐘還是買了一盒 [五寶雜錦糖],每樣先試少少,好食的話再買。左起:香蕉條、潮式明糖、潮式湳糖、潮式鴨頸...