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1855 beef
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0 min(s) (Dine-in)
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Approx. HK$180 (Lunch)
JUL 10

we made reservation early last week, worrying for a while with the below May+June review.

served 12nn-1430, half an hour shorter than weekend

5 ppl tried a lot of stuff but i focused on a few only

海鮮冷盤: refill very frequently
凍蝦- not good
長腳蟹 - great & fresh
salmon - not interested
加菲蟹(looked fried) - not interested
no 瑟琶蝦, 螺 or oyster

because of the prevous review, i tried rice of 海南雞飯. - just ok, not interested to retry

not interested in most hot stuff (deep fried chicken, mushroom with veg, steamed Jap tofu...). Tried 清湯蘿白牛腩 (蘿白good 牛腩 fair), 牛肉炒油麵 - nice, 楊州炒飯/ (bad) 燒賣, 小籠包 (only fair). with limited space in the stomach, I gave up "spaghatti at your choice"/ 燒味 (only 2 option)/ 串燒/ HD icecream in small waffle/ pancake/ most sashimi & sushi

puff with really cold cream inside - great to mix in chocalate fountain, masmallow & straberry also available

1855 beef, good as usual. cube size were bigger than 1 year ago but no longer use pan to cried...looked strange..queue was always long. refill a few time

table are neat, better than a lot of buffet table at other restaurant which were so messy

dessert - strange to hv a guy standby to serve u. > 10 options, i particularly liked blueberry cheese cake, 杏仁豆腐, 荔枝???. fd said tiramisu was too sweet, bread pudding ok, 綠茶??卷 was strange & sour, did not tried the normal strawberry cheese cake/ Jap cheese cake/ dark forest

overall good especially with open rice coupon at 35% discount. However the airconditioning are terribly cold & when we enquired possibiltyu of tuning, waitress said any change would affect 抽油煙's performance...匪夷所思

one terrible issue - a boy, also a diner, played with ice cubes in the 海鮮冷盤 corner, moving ice back to the table or rubbing everywhere....even worse, he brought a knife from the table, held it in hand running around, stabing ice again & again...his guardian never care or stop him. the waiters & waitress tried politely to stop him & attempted to took away his knife, then he hide it in his clothes, & show it a few seconds later....we were so surprised that there would be adults seeing their kid playing so dangerously & have no intent to stop him...my fd said she heard those adults speak in putonghua....is that 5 star hotel needed to put simplified chinese notice - Don't play with knife & don't play with ice?
tonguetongue今次我哋有2個大人,2個小朋友. 坐得舒服,有很多熱盤可以滿足小朋友. 基本上今次我只食了1855牛肉真的很好食. 和凍長腳. 還有食了兩件芝士蛋糕和雪糕. 我比100分, 服務也好好,很快就收碟.refill都好快. 但蝦...
lol 之前睇到呢度咁多個笑哈哈, 已經好想黎雅苑座度食, 今次就book 左位o係理度食我既既拍拖週年紀念 lol 唉ya! 唔記得左 print左 coupon 去食野, 攪到冇左個30% off discount, 得返用credit card promotio...