The Delhi Club 新德里餐廳

Value for money
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Mutton cooked with grinded spinach
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0 min(s) (Dine-in)
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Approx. HK$140 (Dinner)
APR 12

The Delhi Club's photo in Tsim Sha Tsui )
Tonight I dined with Andy and Agnes and tried the Indian food in Chungking Mansions. I got here for the second time.

We firstly ordered some hot curry dishes with two set of Indian pizzas. The South-Asian waiter hereof appeared to like Agnes very much. But, please don't forget we are here. mad

Overall, the curry dishes involving chicken, fishes and mutton were really delicious depsite few savor on spicy. We could further enjoy it while eating together with Indian pizza. The sauce was quite strong but the meat thereat was seemed to be overcooked and thus not soft enough. The fried rice was spicier than I expected but tasted good. I had to drink 2 more cups of water to relieve myself.

Finally, Agnes ordered the fried milk ball for dessert which I forgot the exact name due to no English translation but Urdu I guessed. The dessert was over sweet depsite 15 dollars only. I could say it the name was better than the taste.

By the way, Andy said the appetite (crisp pizza) was spiciest and asked me for savouring it. I said no thank you. tongue

The meal was cost us $416 in total.
I have read many reviews about this place. Good food but hard to get there. Chung Hing Mansion is like a maze. Not any more. We went there and asked for Delho Club and there was a guy le...