Value for money
OCT 07

It's not usual for us to go for fancy dinner. That night, we chose this restaurant.

Oyster soup. Rich and creamy, but both of us thought could have more oyster.

complimentary bread was ordinary.

We chose crab cake as our appetizer. This was the best for that night. Portion was good enough for sharing. The sauce was nice with crab cake. Excellent!

We chose beef racks as our main course. The taste was good, but we wonder why the meat was so tender, was that due to the way they cook or the quality of beef? Anyway, this is good.

Ordered molten chocolate cake with our own choice of ice-cream. We chose their home-made ice-cream ( can't recall the exact name, but the taste was special and nice, with caramel and a bit wine). Presentation was good! I wanted to try their beancurb cheesecake too, but too stuffed.

One soup, one appetizer, one main course, one desert costed around $480, with 10% off to celebrate their reopening.

Service was good. But a bit noisy.
Munch's photo in Tsim Sha Tsui )
Munch's photo in Tsim Sha Tsui )
Munch's photo in Tsim Sha Tsui )
My friendrecommend Munch to me so I decided to give it a try with my girl friend. We found it is a nicely decorated and romantic. We ordered a salmon & tuner salad, scallop salad for appetizer....
那天我和老公吃晚飯,知道Munch搬了,以前一向是亞士厘道舊舖的支持者,今次一於看看新店如何. 一走進餐廳,看見裝修比以前靚好多,地方大了很多,我們坐到近窗的位置,最好看是天花的油畫,很attractive. 一位...