Café on the PARK 柏景餐廳

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Approx. HK$150 (Lunch)
MAR 09

Speaking of Buffets around Hong Kong, this one cannot be overlooked. It's located in China Hong Kong City, it's where the Macau Ferry terminal is on the Kowloon side. It's not easy to find but a delight when found. I came here for lunch with some friends to try their buffet.

According to their website, it's an "International Delicacies" theme. I guess they named it that way because they had quite the variety of different dishes, such as sashimi, Hainan chicken, some chinese style dim sum and western dishes.

Their selection was quite decent. Salad selection could be expanded as I couldn't find some of my usual. They had something like a beef tar tar salad (i'm not exactly sure what it is) but it was extremely fresh and very good, i even went back for my second serving!!

They didn't have a large selection of sashimi, only saw salmon, but my my my, the salmon sashimi was really fresh, comparable to some of the better Japanese restaurants around town. Not to mention, generous portions as well, the sushi chef just seemed like he wanted to give me more!

Ohhh.. I also tried the foie gras pate. The cracker that was served was very crispy (not soggy like some places) and the foie gras paste, you can tell was pretty good quality.

There were trays and trays of chinese dim sum, I only took some shrimp dumplings and this bowl of radish cakes (my favorite). It wasn't pan fried like most places, they had it in small little bowls and was steamed. The aroma was extremely strong (good if you like radishes), the texture was so tender, almost like a gelatinous congee! Hard to explain, you've got to try it for yourself to know what I'm talking about.

The hainan chicken was also pretty good. i guess it's cuz their specialty is Singaporean food, as I believe the hotel owns a pretty renowned Sing/Malay restaurant. Nothing to complain about.

Service was quite attentive. My juice was too sour and the waitress was able to provide an alternative right away. Now, only if you know what I mean, good service isn't easy to come by in this city; it just makes your meal so much more enjoyable when you've found it.

Ohhh.. almost forgot. the lunch was pretty cheap, like $100 something. forgot the exact amount.. but parking was free! lol lol lol

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First dish - Café on the PARK in Tsim Sha Tsui )
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Second dish - Café on the PARK in Tsim Sha Tsui )
Second dish


Third - Café on the PARK in Tsim Sha Tsui )
Café on the PARK's photo in Tsim Sha Tsui )
Café on the PARK's photo in Tsim Sha Tsui )
New Years Day~
Wonder Alice^^
It was on the New Years Day and it's also my sister's birthday, we've booked this restaurant because I heard lots of good comments about it and plus my sister and I wants to have buffet for a...
曾多次幫襯,但坦白講,真的一次比一次差!若不是因為同行的媽媽愛熟食,呢度算多選擇,今次都唔會再揀呢度!但今次應該係最後一次喇! 頭盤:算是所有供應食品裡面做得最好,只是無蠔(過往未試過o係呢度食到過)...