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US ribeye
US ribeye
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Approx. HK$500
DEC 09

This day we arrive at 615pm and due to function we had to rush and leave at 740pm. Luckily we ordered and the food came quickly. We ordered the following from the menu for 4 on our table, total bill was $1600 and we did not order any soft drinks or wine, just drinking tap water.

* Gruyere Pop Overs (free)
* Salmon with Herb Oil and Pine Nuts hor d'oeuvre (free)
* 2 x 14oz US Ribeye (medium cook)
* 1 x Caesar Salad
* 1 x Pumpkin Soup
* 1 x Codfish
* Lemon minicakes

The freshly baked bread is absolute delight. I heard friends talk about it before and finally I can see what the fuss is about. It was difficult to restrict myself from finishing one whole piece! The highlight is definitely the 14oz ribeyes. I would say that the quality of the ribeye itself may be of a lower quality than steakhouse like Ruth Chris, however the cooking and the taste is arguably better. The value for money - that is no argument win for BLT. The free salmon and the lemon minicakes taste great!

In terms of dining environment, we didn't sit outside but I think next time I go I will sit there and admire the view. Inside the restaurant, it is more like a family restaurant like dan Ryan rather than a posh steakhouse like Ruth Chris, that is a big drawdown. the food is good but its not right a romantic date or business dinner. The shop is small so tables are placed close together. Lastly, I found the service and waiters reasonably and efficient.

US ribeye

US ribeye - BLT Steak in Tsim Sha Tsui )
US ribeye


popover - BLT Steak in Tsim Sha Tsui )

codfish, ok la

codfish, ok la - BLT Steak in Tsim Sha Tsui )
codfish, ok la
susiefoodie Are you kidding me with this review?

You compared BLT Steak to Ruth Chris? There is NO comparison and it's shameful that you even put the two in the same sentence.

The quality of product of BLT is far superior to that of Ruth Chris... or Dan Ryan's or whatever other misguided steak house you feel it necessary to compare this one to.

The decor is simple and elegant as is the food. It elevates the hum-drum steak house to a new level. Although it seems that you are only dining for the "deals" so I guess one wouldn't expect you to have a real understanding of elegance anyway.
2010-02-20 · Reply
同男朋友一齊放假, 經過海港城.. 男友突然想起好耐之前食過BLT, 提議一齊去試下.. 間鋪都OK大, 風景都唔錯=) 我地當日5點幾就去到, 冇乜客.. 只係得幾枱客坐outside 原本我地坐外面露天既座位, 之後太大...
尋晚食,到而家都仲好飽 4個大人1個細路 叫咗 1打Coffin Bay蠔 1打蜆 1個芝士長通粉 1個炸蝦+薯條 1個南瓜湯 1個Caser Salad 1個Asian Pear Salad (Pear/Rocket leave/Shallot/Onion/Prosc...