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DEC 11

Thanks to mjqueen7e's review I found out about this new burger, it is only available in a few restaurants in Hong Kong.
It is not officially on McD's website, but thanks to mjqueen7e for letting me know the English addresses of the available restaurants.

Just as she said, not all McD's serve this burger, and when I went to this particular branch, it really did have this burger.
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
As well as this burger, I was also able to order the Hazelnut Latte which is a beverage from McCafe, it was also served in a McCafe's plastic cup.

Luckily I knew which restaurant had this burger because I heard one of the customers behind asking which restaurants served this burger and that staff was reluctant to list out all the shops.

Germany's version of the sausage burger
Interestingly the German chicken sausage burger is not served in Germany, but the closest one they have is the Nuremburger which actually has real sausages in the burger and not sausage patty.
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
German chicken sausage burger

The elements in this burger are:
Emmental cheese,
dill mustard,
chicken sausage,
slab lemon chicken patty.

I love emmental cheese because it has a cheesier taste than McD's regular processed cheese, and I like all the tangy elements in it such as saukeraut and the chicken marinated with lemon.
Best of all, it is not beef or pork and it is a nice filling burger for someone with a large appetite because it has a chicken patty sausage, a nice change from pork sausage and a piece of chicken.

Although the burger box said it contains a lemon chicken patty, I found it to be a piece of grilled chicken thigh with skin.
The piece of chicken was tender and juicy and the whole burger was really filling and tantalizing especially with the lemon and saukeraut.
It would be great if they put more dill mustard as this was the only taste that wasnt present.
All the rest were distinct such as the chicken, lemon, saukeraut and chicken sausage patty.
But my far, this is my favourite burger served in Hong Kong's McD, but for other McD's in other countries there are other yummy burgers especially in India.
Anyway I wish this could be permanently on the menu.
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
Hazelnut latte
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
McDonald's's photo in Tseung Kwan O )
As well as trying the burger, I got the Hazelnut latte which is a trial drink from McCafe's by paying $4 extra.
Again, it was a nice drink, the coffee taste was not strong so that was why I liked it and it had a strong hint of Hazelnut syrup (most probably monins syrup!)
Anyway asked for less ice, but they still fill 80% of the cup with it!
Supplementary Information
Price: $3x
English menu: yes
Service: could be better
Yummy factor: Brilliant
McD's that serve this burger (quoted from mjqueen7e):
B/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road,, Tsim Sha Tsui
Shop No.F21, Telford Plaza, 33 Wai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay
Shop 5A, B/F, Roca Centre, 460-470 King's Road, North Point
Shop 103, Po Lam Centre, Po Lam Estate,, Tseung Kwan O
Shop 1-41, Admiralty Centre, Admiralty
Shop 1A, G/F, Millennium City 1, 338 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong
G/F, Man Kwong Court, Smithfield, Kennedy Town, Western District
McDonalds in Germany:
3 recommended
陳真 I was a bit shock that Editor will pick McDonalds' review as a editor choice....

but however, your review is very detailed.
2011-12-23 · Reply
mjqueen7e You finally tried the burger, it seems that the outlook of your burger is more tastier than mine. Since early this year, I find that McDonald's introduce new burgers from time to time but just confine to several restaurants. I will let you know once they promote other new items.
2011-12-12 · Reply
星期天永遠就是我的「懶人日」,不用晨早起床上班,當然睡至黃朝白晏才起床。今日(31/10)的午餐當然又要勞煩家人,阿媽說到麥當勞買午餐,見到有一個香燒雞翼餐,問我吃不吃,我當然吃啦! 套餐有一盒共三件的燒...