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Stuffed Shrimps with Crabmeat
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Approx. HK$160
JUN 09

Yesterday's afternoon, what a sunny day, honey and I went to the Peak for a nice lunch and walk! We decided to visit this restaurant for I love the movie, "Forest Gump" so much and shrimp dishes sound good too.

Environment - good, cozy, like other American style family restaurants. Posters and props of Movie ' Forest Gump" are found anywhere! Marvelous view of coz!!! U could take a paramonic view of HK!

Service - the chinese server was quite good, she was patient enough to tell us how to use those iron service plates on the table illustrating which service you want to have. But some philippino servers were not professional enough. Still, you would feel comfortable to have meals here.

Food -
(1) Stuffed Shrimps With Crabmeat - there were shrimps and crabmeat cakes with very very tasty buttery garlic sauce served with bread and rice. So yummy!!!! The shrimps were fresh and crab cakes were juicy! But a bit salty!
(2) Chicken sticks with Cheese Dressing- ok taste but tooo salty, should need improvement.
(3) Mango Sparker - tasted like orange juice.

Inb general, it was quite good to have a trial over here. Esp when u wish to celebrate BD/anniversaries, coz the view was fantastic. Plus the food was not bad too!!

Good with movie's posters

Good with movie's posters - Bubba Gump in The Peak )
Good with movie's posters
Bubba Gump's photo in The Peak )
Bubba Gump's photo in The Peak )
Bubba Gump's photo in The Peak )
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