Value for money
We spent...
Approx. HK$150 (Lunch)
FEB 11

If not for the thin and crispy crust, it would have been a cry face, not an OK experience.sad

Overall I feel the place lacks variety, the price definitely does not justify the quality. There are many better alternatives around the area. However since it's Chinese new year and most places are still closed, I thought to myself, well this can't be that bad. shocked

Basically the menu has some pasta, pizza, salad and meat dishes, on top of the cheeses and wines. For lunch, pasta + soup or salad is 80 something. The pasta texture wasn't good, not al dente, not over boiled, but just.. sort of brittle. The sauce was too acidic and the portion was on the small side. The organic chicken and avocado salad was just pathetic. mad Rubbery chicken, which I literally had to spit back out coz it was un-chew-able, and two very thin slices of avocado, and over-dressed salad leaves.....mad

The only positive, if not just OK, dish was the Norwegian pizza. It was around 12", very thin and crispy, with capers and mozzarella and smoked salmon. However it was too salty so I basically ditched the salmon and just ate the pizza......

Service was only OK. They forgot our water. There's no bread basket to start off your meal or that comes with salad. One of the guy wanted to collect my plate even when I'm not finished..

The cappucino at the end of the meal was not bad. I guess unless everything in Tai Hang's closed next time, I just might come back purely coz of a lack of choice.........
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5-2-2011 一直對呢度的上環總 (?) 店幾有興趣, 後來見佢的分店又中環又灣仔又西貢, 愈開愈多 shocked, 是日終於嚟到大坑店試試. 2 人叫了一人一飲品, 另 share 食 salad 及 pizza 各一, 不過整體印象一般...