Value for money
MAY 10

I didn't really intend to write a review on this place because it was rather boring. The cocktails were unexciting and the snacks being offered were rather ordinary (although there were some interesting Chinese style snacks on the menu). Then again, I asked myself how often would I experience an exciting meal? or an exciting day for that matter. Life is boring most of the time and it is the occasional excitement that gives us the much needed sparks. Like it or not, boredom of different scale is all around us, so go have some fun whenever possible!

Anyhow, the Tin Tin Bar (vs the Ching Ching Bar at the Hyatt Regency at K11) is situated inside the Hyatt Regency Sha Tin. Why Sha Tin and in the middle of ... nowhere? ( Tai Wai / University Station to be more exact) I am still puzzled about the location which is right next to The Chinese University of Hong Kong, with one side facing the Tolo Harbour. Another interesting element of this new hotel is its height, the highest is 15th floor.

Although its cocktails and snacks were boring as mentioned, I quite enjoyed the setting and atmosphere. I know, it sounded kind of lame but that's the true. One of the key factors for my liking was the space ... high ceiling together with spacious private space between tables.
I would come back just because of the setting / lower customer traffic (due to its location I suppose). Oh yeah, it has a live band during the evening as well.
-Light Traffic + live bands
- Location a bit far and in the middle of nowhere. (perhaps that's why I would likely return)
Avg Spending: HKD 100 -200 per person
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Tin Tin Bar's photo in Sha Tin )
Tin Tin Bar's photo in Sha Tin )
Tin Tin Bar's photo in Sha Tin )
Tin Tin Bar must be a word play of the famous Chin Chin Bar in the original Hyatt - at least that's how i interpret it. Haven't been to the new Chin Chin Bar yet but I've...
是夜在沙田十八有飯局,比原定時間早到.於是便到隔離的酒吧"天天吧",先喝點酒. 記得當年尖沙咀凱悅,有間酒吧叫"千千吧".沙田凱悅繼續這個疊字傳統.英文名"Tin Tin Bar",大家又會否想起比利時的漫...