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OCT 10

A friend of ours, well Hubby’s colleague, J, has been raving about this place for a while now. He recently came back to Hong Kong after spending a good 6 months in Sydney so thought we would go here to celebrate his return, and our farewell. N, J’s girl friend was kind enough to drive all of us to Sha Tin and like a child who gets excited, I was seriously looking forward to the peking duck!

The restaurant can be found in the Hyatt Regency in Sha Tin, and named after the hotel’s street address number ‘18’. Sha Tin 18 serves authentic Cantonese and North Chinese cuisine in a lively show and open kitchen environment. It’s a relatively big restaurant, it has 4 show kitchens, one for dumplings / noodles, one for roast meat, one for wok cooking and one for desserts.

We left all the ordering to both N and J, and I have to say, they did extremely well!

We started the feast with fresh cucumber, and sesame seed. This was incredibly light and refreshing, a great way to start the meal!

Next, deep fried pork belly with mushroom, this was seriously delicious. Deep fried to a crisp but deliciously soft and tender inside. N and I were thinking how fatty this was but couldn’t help but eat more and more!

Now, the duck, Sha Tin 18, serves their duck in three ways: skin from the underbelly of the duck, meat carved from the breast and finally fat slices of legs and thigh – all eaten differently. Check out the juicy fat duck… hmhmhmhmmh

Dipped in sugar before eaten and it was incredible. It was almost translucent and melts in your mouth, like duck-fat candy! It was amazingly rich that too much of it made me sick! It was unbelievably fatty but yet unbelievably tasty.

The meat carved from the breast is supposedly eaten with raw garlic, I am not a fan of raw garlic so ate it with the flour pancakes without the garlic. The flour pancakes were incredibly thin, just the way I like it. The meat was a little dry but still absolutely delicious. This can be eaten on its own or with pancakes, anyway you like it.

Finally, the last serving, fat slices of legs and thigh, was incredibly juicy and incredibly succulent. I thoroughly enjoyed this and cannot remember how many I ate. I do know that they were amazingly good!

Slightly pan fried pork-belly dumplings were excellent. These dumplings were juicy and delicious. I could have easily eaten half a dozen on my own but after the countless duck pancakes, I was beginning to feel like a stuffed dumping!

Steamed crab with pork and egg, my my, this was deliciously fatty. Again, N and I kept wondering how much fat was in this but it was deliciously rich. The crab was meaty and juicy and full of flavour.

Lanzhou beef with hand-pulled noodles were more than just ‘good’. The beef was tender, the noodles, soft and chewy like and was cooked to perfection. I was getting seriously full by this stage so only had a little bit of this dish but it was good.

We didn’t stop there, roasted pigeon was incredible. For something so small, it was meaty and succulent. This is one of Hubby’s favourite dish, and he demolished this.

Last but not least, minced duck with lettuce wrap. I thought the minced duck was seriously salty. I was stuffed by this stage so only had one serving of this minced duck with lettuce wrap. I would have to say that it was my least favourite part of the duck.

If you are wondering how many people were there at dinner, there were four and yes, we consumed all of the above and finished all of the above. If you are disgusted at how much we ate, so am I!

It is vital that you order the duck one day in advance or when you make the reservation, so it would be prepared when you arrive. I thought the service was fantastic, the pedigree of this restaurant was incredible. I must admit, this was one of my memorable meals, we were seriously happy and satisfied with all the dishes. I think this has something to do with N who ordered extremely well!

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Sha Tin 18's photo in Sha Tin )
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