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正2nd one was molten!
正2nd one was molten!
We waited for...
35 min(s) (Dine-in)
We spent...
Approx. HK$40 (Tea)
AUG 11

like amanda's pastry,
sweet tooth's hong kong style dessert was just too similar.
Sweet Tooth's photo in Hung Hom )
what do i mean to compare a french pastry shop and sth really different?
firstly at least,
their price was so similar,
around $40 for sth "SIMPLE, PURE, CLEAN, LIGHT( except the almond cake used ), LOW SUGAR, it could not give you a WOW, but definitely a return..."

i could say,
the valhrona chocolate molten cake i ordered here was the best chocolate cake i've ever have.
not the surprise, not the taste, not the look,
but just what it has given me.
my life goal.


正beautiful:D - Sweet Tooth in Hung Hom )
as i am going to leave hong kong for studies,
i didn't have to go to school for extra lessons everyday like all other form five students who will face 334 new system soon,
then i wasted my precious summer holiday just to play.

today i visited here for their valhrona chocolate molten cake,
like epoch,
the boss insisted to use good quality chocolate to make their homemade cakes,
but my second pay for epoch's valhrona chocolate 7-layer cake was no longer good as before,
maybe they've change the recipe,
super sweet and the brownie was not chewy.

being so a small shop in hong hum,
sweet tooth was actually quite difficult for me to find under the hot sun ( i came here at around four oclock in the afternoon ),
their price was not cheap,
which the ugly cake with panna cotta was over $40,
so i just thought that i would definitely turn to la maison du chocolat's pastry,
but not this( i mean i was thinking this before, not now ).

差not molten...

差not molten... - Sweet Tooth in Hung Hom )
差not molten...
it arrived,
lychee ice cream with crispy eyes and sweet kiwi head( never thought of that green kind can also be sweet as gold ones ),
chocolate syrup and powder on plate,
and the main character---molten cake.
not to take too much time photo taking for food like egg benedict and molten cake,
i cut my cake immediately,
but it was over done!

i finished it sadly,
though the lychee ice cream actually surprised me much,
that it was so good to taste separately and also with the chocolate cake,
because the cake was still a good cake,
the center part was bit softer than outside,
just not molten,
and it was not sweet so the sweet ice cream combine so well with it,
not as boring as usual vanilla or green tea we choose in other shops.

差not molten...

差not molten... - Sweet Tooth in Hung Hom )
差not molten...
strawberries were put ibto heart shape with chocolate sauce,
just like the expensive things you got in godiva,
and sugar powder sprinkled on them was beautiful.

my friend saw me so sad and she complained to the boss,
so surprised me that the boss was more sad than me,
and went in to bake a new one!
he even gave that to me with tofu ice cream to try.
this time the cake was molten,
and top was crispy enough,
bottom too, good.

tofu ice cream came with three crispy ball this time,
so they were not eyes, haha!
but no taste of tofu actually,
so here, bad. prefer the lychee one.

正2nd one was molten!

正2nd one was molten! - Sweet Tooth in Hung Hom )
正2nd one was molten!
the whole thing was a rush for me,
because i over worry to let the cake over cooked if i eat slow,
so i then discover i was too full to finish two set of molten cake by myself( my friend didn't eat at all )!

my friend went for dinner soon and i myself walked for two hours non-stop,
so that means one set molten cake versus one hour of walk,
that i felt so fuel up,
not like usually when i had other chocolate cake,
i would like be very "high" for some time,
then become very tired.

i thought it was because i ate too much dessert everyday because of naughtiness( haha you can see all my openrice reviews are about desserts ),
and they are all in high sugar content,
which make me very tired actually.
but this cake,
with boss insisted valhrona chocolate and much much less sugar to make the cake( you can taste that the cake here was really so big difference in sweetness ),
i can really be fuel up by chocolate and flour and egg and boss's heart,
but nor sugar.

this cake, was the best chocolate cake i've ever have, while the reason was not the surprise, not the taste, not the look,
but just what it has given me.
my life goal.
i would remember it till i return to hong kong after study,
and thanks, boss,
if i could really get my scholarship by not wasting any time from now on,
i will return to you for the cake,
with my certificate of graduation in famous university.

sorry everyone,
for writing so long a review,
just because i had really wasted too much time and parent's money and many people's caring,
and i had really learned a lot from the molten cake here.
also, learn from the boss his insist of baking a new one with not getting extra money,
because you should do everything the best in your life for others,
don't just always think of your own benefits.
to add,
keep your parent's money for their future,
don't search for famous restaurants to try out super quality food or even desserts like you have no other goals.
your tongue was not as important as your parents.
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