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JUL 11

I love gnocchi and ravioli so when I saw the reviews here I just had to try it out.
In the earlier reviews there were no seating but now there are tables outside the shop.

The last time I had lovely gnocchi and ravioli was at La Piazzetta in Wan Chai.
Review at La Piazzetta featuring gnocchi and tortellini:

There is a similar joint like Pasta Mio called Deli Deli at Fortress Hill too which reminds me of New York, but Deli Deli seems more Japanese and Chinese because it serves sweet red bean pizza and oolong tea, adapted more for locals.

The pasta at this place was so tempting I couldn’t wait until winter because I love having a lovely box of hot pasta in the cold.
I prepared myself for the heat and sweat.
It was sweltering that day when I had the pasta.

I checked their website earlier and RETTANGOLI (Salmon-Dill ravioli) was the one I most wanted to try.
But when I got there, they had changed the menu and this one had been discontinued, but Gnocchi and other filled pastas were available. I wish I came here earlier because Salmon and dill as a filling in ravioli sounds yummy.
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
Pasta Mio is located near the long escalators on the corner. It is bright red, and the logo looks like an O sliced horizontally at the centre with the name in the middle, the sliced halves of the O is made of lines that represent pasta and the colour is dark corn.

The logo resembles Café O, but Café O has the name on top and the big O at the bottom.

It has big glass windows clearly displaying the different pastas available, each of them are labelled.
There is a glass display with cakes because they have a cake shop in Sheung Wan called Sprinkles, so I would expect their cakes to taste nice if they have a cake shop.
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
The walls of Pasta Mio are grey which matches nicely with their colour theme.

Anyway I sat down and had a look at their menu. At first it can be confusing, but basically you choose the type of pasta first, then the sauce, and then the size.

The pastas they have are:
Farfelle, Fusilli, Gnocchi, Penne (plain/wholewheat).
In the premium pastas range it includes filled pastas such as tortelloni, the choices are Spaghetti, Tagliatelle, Fiocchi (filled with smoked ham and fontana cheese), Tortelloni (spinach and ricotta cheese) and Tortellacci Toscani (filled with Casatella, Ricotta & Parmesan).

The sauces they had were:
Pomodoro (Tomato + Basil)
Arrabbiata (Tomato + Chilli)
Chicken (Tomato + Rosemary Chicken)
Bolognese (Tomato + Beef + Pork)
Melanzana (Tomato + Grilled Eggplant + Provolone Cheese)
Amatriciana (Tomato + Bacon)
Boscaiola (Tomato + Cream + Ham + Mushroom)
Carbonara (Cream + Egg + Bacon)
Four Cheese (Cream + Cheese)
J. Pesto (Basil + Pine Nuts + Olive Oil + Parmesan)

In the end I chose gnocchi with four cheese to compare it with La Piazzetta and Tortellacci Toscani with chicken and rosemary sauce and the size I chose was FIT (the smallest) so I could try both.
The pastas came fairly quickly.
Even though it was sweltering the pasta was so delicious the heat didn’t reduce my appetite.
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
Gnocchi with four cheeses sauce:
It looked similar to La Piazzetta, but the portion was slightly bigger.
The cheese sauce was quite runny and hot, but it was really nice and not sickly.
On top the gnocchi was powdered cheese too.
The gnocchi texture is similar to the chinese sweet dumplings and Shanghai new year cakes, but the texture of the gnocchi was not all consistent, some where harder or softer than others.
Although it wasn’t consistent it was nice having a variety of textures.
Gnocchi is made of potato and flour and its size and appearance is a bit like a chinese beard candy with ridges on the top.
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
Tortellaci Toscani with chicken and rosemary sauce:
The base of this sauce was tomato, and there were generous pieces of chicken. The chicken was really tender and fresh. Usually I do not eat the meat, but I ate all the chicken in this.
The Tortellaci was generous but some of it was stuck together.
The filling inside the tortellaci was ricotta, parmesan and casatella.
Casatella is a soft fresh rindless cows’ milk cheese from Lombardy
But anyway I loved it I could have had more, the cheese filling was really strong, I am glad I had this instead of the spinach and cheese filling.

To finish it off I had a tiny cupcake, which came with the set. It was really cute especially the box because the size of the box is about half the height of a coke can.
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
It was expected to taste good, because their cake range looked professional.
The pricing may be pricey, but its really good, and I cant wait till the summer goes and I really hope the RETTANGOLI (Salmon-Dill ravioli) will be back one day!
Next time, I will be back for the baked Macaroni and cheese.
I am so fed up with the fake macaroni and cheese inspired dishes that are just made with cream.

For health conscious people, they have a calories table on their menu, so you can see how much calories your pasta is because they have given an estimate for different pastas they do paired with the sauces.
Pasta Mio's photo in Central )
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<IVY> I'm really looking forward.... since you told me about Pasta Mio! smile
It sounds not so difficult to find it out! tongue
And, I saw you gave the highest score to all items! Even 抵食! mad How much is it with the lovely box set lunch? lol
2011-07-10 · Reply
<IVY> Hi Supersupergirl,

Thanks for the useful informations & message on my profile! smile
The price fits for my budget! That's great! tongue
七月中(時陰時晴) 正常用餐次序都是先食鹹後吃甜的,今次卻是例外。當晚甜品當正餐的計劃失敗,大家都想回頭吃點咸,所以才會出現這次先吃甜後吃咸的非典形倒裝局面。在中環的食店多,但在HH時段還有輕...
On my way home I wanted smth quick to eat and passed by Pasta Mio. Decided to do a quick takeaway Spaghetti Pomodoro. The wait wasn't long but when I went to pay I was kind of surprised ...