Value for money
SEP 12

Ever since seeing pictures of the desserts and drinks here I have always wanted to try this place.

Just by the Grey background with the greyhound logo I would have never have thought it was a restaurant.
It looks like brand of clothing and after taking a look at their Thai website, they really are a clothes brand as well.
Similar to how Initial Cafe started from a brand of clothing.

There are two branches in Hong Kong, one at Harbour City and the another branch at IFC.

I tried going to both branches but the service at the Harbour City branch was not that welcoming so I went to the IFC branch which was much nicer, however the restaurant looks over the sea, so it can get quite sunny.

When I got there, I knew exactly what I wanted because there were a few specific things I wanted to try.
Greyhouse style lemon tea:
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
In Hong Kong I rarely order lemon tea because it is too sweet and the tea that they use is not my cup of tea and it ends up tasting bitter because of the lemon skin.
The lemon tea here is so different and refreshing.
When it is served, there is a glass containing some freshly squeezed lemon juice and tea cubes (frozen tea in ice-cube form) so that the tea does not get diluted.
Pity I didnt get a chance to take a photo of that.
Then they poured the rest of the tea in the glass with the tea cubes and lemon juice.
Since the lemon juice is at the bottom you need to stir it well.
After stirring the lemon tea tastes really nice with natural lemon taste without the bitterness.
Coconut sherbet:
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
Usually sherbets have a tart taste but this one was not.
It was really good because since I ordered the crepe as well the sherbet only costs $20 more.
The taste was sweet and soothing, it was like coconut melting in your mouth.
The best thing about this coconut sherbet was that it was made of young coconut and the coconut water inside which tastes so much better than coconut milk.
The icy frozen coconut sorbet melting sensation was so refreshing especially when it was made from coconut water.
Butterfly pea stevia tea:
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
I ordered the tea because of the interesting blue colour.
The tea did not need to be sweetened because STEVIA is naturally sweet, but you can ask for honey.
I was expecting it to have a strong smell of sweet pea flower but it did not and the taste was slightly similar to Grosvenor mordica.
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
Coconut crepe:
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
The price of this crepe was expensive at $78 per slice but it was delicious.
The crepe was covered in cream which was lovely and light and it was slightly sweetened but not too sweet.
In between the crepe layers there was delicious pieces of young coconut.
It reminds me of the buko pie but this one is nicer because it is not so sweet.
BUKO PIE (coconut pie):
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
On top the crepe there was a piece of water chestnut which was a bonus because I wanted to try the Tub Tim Krob Greyhound Style as well which has that in it.
Basically the waterchestnut had some gel covering it on the outside and it was colored red which definately tasted better than a cherry on top!
To try on my next visit:
Greyhound Cafe's photo in Central )
Tub Tim Krob Greyhound Style
Water chestnut with coconut sherbet and coconut meat topped with coconut cream
Supplementary Information
Price: $200
Service: OK
Service charge: 10%
Yummy factor: Good
Sweetness levels: Just right
Napkins provided: Yes
English Menu: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes
1 recommended
About 7-8 of us arrived at the restaurant at around 8pm; having had to wait for a late reservation because somehow, for a reason that is far beyond my understanding, the place was all booked up (...
一個讓我感概的名字, 因為以前從大學到中學必須坐greyhound, 一架坐到屁股痲痺的長車。 而這台greyhound, 我不建議大家坐太久。 餐廳樓底雖高, 但坐位逼夾不好坐, 裝修黑白色, portion法式, 賣相沒特色, 味道與...