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Zoe Cake
Zoe Cake
We waited for...
15 min(s) (Dine-in)
We spent...
Approx. HK$85 (Tea)
SEP 12

I really wanted to like this petite cafe as a cozy spot for quality cakes and time. Unfortunately, everything we ordered from Zoe Café was simply disappointing. I doubt how Zoe maintains its popularity amid the recent growing trend of artisanal dessert shops serving exquisite and delicious patisseries. sad
Zoe Cafe's photo in Causeway Bay )
We ordered the signature Zoe cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Lychee-rose cake & Tiramisu Su from the cute window display, and opted for the Green Tea Latte to accompany the sweetness. smile

Green tea Latte :(

Green tea Latte :( - Zoe Cafe in Causeway Bay )
Green tea Latte :(
The big frothy Green Tea Latte was off putting. The green tea flavor was so artificial and tasted identical to the 2 in 1 Maxim green tea powder I could easily find in APITA. It was tooth-rottenly sugary and the efforts to add on a fanciful yet basic “latte art” could not help.

Zoe Cake

Zoe Cake - Zoe Cafe in Causeway Bay )
Zoe Cake
The infamous Zoe cake was too tasteless for my liking. mad Although I could taste a slight hazelnut flavor out of the sponge cake, it was so mild that barely exist. The biscuit base was soggy. I just can’t understand the hype behind this cake…shocked Well, the smiley face on top was cute but they could do better with this price.
Zoe Cafe's photo in Causeway Bay )
The Lychee rose cake was another turn off and the Tiramisu Su was only slightly better. sad There were no big difference between their textures, which combined lightness and moistness. The Lychee rose cake was a plain dull mousse with mild sweet flavoring that did not stand out at all whist the Tiramisu Su was a coffee flavored mousse cake instead of the proper sophisticated tiramisu (they really should rename it!huffy). There were cloudlike and downright unimpressive. sad

The creamy blueberry cheesecake was a wiser decision for that day. A thick layer of blueberry jam was spooned over the soft French-styled cheesecake. Yet, I personally prefer New York style or Sicilian style which is heavier in taste and have a thicker and denser bottom crust. It was a matter of preference anyway. tongue
Zoe Cafe's photo in Causeway Bay )
The café had a lack of personnel. We had to make our orders at the counter because the only waitress didn’t know how to response to a group of noisy women who failed to make up their decisions before waiving for service. Also, we were seated two feet away from the front door with people coming in and out, which caused an immediate inflow of heat wave every 5 minutes. It was not a pleasant experience. huffy huffy

I think Zoe Café is now living off a reputation built long time ago huffy and the place is certainly not a decent place for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. We were disappointed and definitely not returning in the near future. sad
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