Value for money
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Har Gow
We spent...
Approx. HK$175 (Lunch)
APR 10

Came here for dimsum.

Food: Dimsum was just only average in terms of taste. Things that stood out (above average) were the shrimp dishes. The Har Gow (steamed shrimp dumplings with asparagus) were exceptional, very fresh with big giant shrimp each (I personally dislike when they have minced shrimp instead inside) and sprinkled with asparagus. The shrimp rice rolls were also very fresh with the dough skin a on the "flour-y" and thicker side than some other places which are much thinner and smoother. Also generously stuffed with giant whole shrimp with sweet soy sauce on the side. Also, I want to give them kudos for their good Liu Sha Bao (the steamed white buns with drippy egg yolk), had the perfect sweetness and consistency of "drippyness." Other dishes I tried that were average quality include the Chicken feet (very dull gray brown in color so didn't look as appealing nor did it have peanuts/taro on the bottom which disappointed me), Siu Mai (average), and Char Siu (Is pretty good with leaner meat compared to Fu Sing's version. I personally prefer Fu Sing's - more melt in your mouth flavor).

Service: Good responsive service. Enough waiters for the tables. Food came out in good time.

Decor: Located in Lee Garden mall - bit low ceilings but good natural lighting as one entire side of the restaurant has full glass window view of the shopping street below. Overall decor is better than Fu Sing's as it is less tacky more simple classic white designs.

Sizing it up: On value, I ended paying HKD355 for the dimsum which were in total 6 dishes with one being a Char Siu dish. This is on the expensive end, even compared to Fu Sing, which I normally pay this much for maybe 1 or 2 more dishes. Dimsum is definitely better at Fu Sing's. However, service and the wait time for food to arrive is better here at West Villa. Just dimsum speaking, I would not come again since its only average and overpriced for the quality - I would rather eat at a cheaper average dimsum place or eat at Fu Sing for high quality dimsum.
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