MIST 創作麵工房

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I had high hopes before patronizing this restaurant because of the positive comments made by others. To make things short, here are the things I found unsatisfactory about this restaurant:

1) My friend and I ordered the same lunch set (Ramen in soy sause base) + Dumplings.
First, the dumplings are not fried. They taste like steamed or even boiled pasty. (I gave a C- for this crap).
2) The soup is warm. I think the least they should do is to make the soup hot when served at the table. (C grade)
3) The cha-shiu is okay, but definitely not "good". (another C)
4) Finally, the noodles are like the Chinese "oil noodles". Well, some people may like this kind of noodles but we didn't enjoy them at all --> very sticky in texture. (D+)

Some positive things though:
1) The servers are polite.
2) The environment is good, except a woman was talking so loudly next to our table. There's nothing to do with the restaurant but it certainly spoiled the lunch. That woman just couldn't keep her mouth shut.

That's all. Go try if you have too much $ to spend. And I will never trust the openrice comments again, or maybe the people who tried gave good comments about this place had unique taste buds.
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