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California cut
California cut
Yorkshire Pudding
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Arranged a dinner with Fish, she picked this restaurant out of 3. I had been here 2 years ago to celebrated my husband birthday at that time.

We were seated at the table near the center as I didn’t ask for a table on the side which would be more comfy seating on the sofa.
Lawry's The Prime Rib's photo in Causeway Bay )
As I already knew the portion of the beef is quite huge even to a big eater like me, so this time we both ordered the California cut (the smallest in size) which came with mashed potato, salad an Yorkshire pudding.

The Lawry beef is in medium rare, tender, juicy, soft, and beefy.mad

California cut

California cut - Lawry's The Prime Rib in Causeway Bay )
California cut
For starter we had lobster bisque with the bread - taste ok

Dessert – chocolate soufflé - very chocolate and lightsmile

Warm chocolate fantasy cake with Vanilla Gelato - love the moist of the cake... tongue
好耐無去過Lawry...今次係結婚一個月紀念~ 老公突登book左呢度celebrate~ 見citibank有d 餐叫...但唔太吸引...決定自己跟menu叫~ 最後叫左一個蟹蓋, 一個大蝦cocktails,一個lawry's cut share...跟住一...
Having been to the Lawry's for so many times, I am never disappointed, especially when it comes to special occasions for celebration. It was a Friday night birthday celebration with three of m...