798 Unit & Co

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AUG 07

I am compelled to continue the thread below.

Like every one has different tastes, so it is hard for restaurants to determine a portion size that will make each and every diner happy.
Of course, what servers should be able to do is to tell diners if they’re bound for more food than they may be able to eat.

Here's a quote: "Perhaps others might disagree, but my general experiences are: At very fine restaurants, portion size is rarely a problem. At chain restaurants and steak houses, the portions are way too big. At chain steak houses, the portions are ridiculously big. At good to fine restaurants, it’s quite random as to portion-size, although price can be a real hint. I have noticed that restaurants that focus on sustainable sources for their food have more reasonable portion sizes. Finally, bad restaurants tend to have portion sizes that are too big...." Hopefully this can help set some expectations.

As for 798 unit & co., I would prefer to re-visit and judge for myself.
今晚去左這間高級餐廳,開左支Red Wine, 叫了Salad, Pizza, Pork Chop, Italian Rice. 西餐廳煮Pork Chop都得wor!! 个Pork Chop出奇的好吃, 的確煮得剛剛好, 好嫩滑; 其他食物都比一般餐廳好...
I am "very very" disappointed at some of the "very very" subjective comments below: - if you prefer your server to introduce the daily specials until your entire party has arrived, there ...