3-min walk from Exit F1, Causeway Bay MTR Station
2915 7859
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Mon.-Sun. 10:00-23:00
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Certified Halal Food
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Novice Gourmet 2014-09-20
We eat very often at and do take-outs from this place. Food is authentic and very tasty and spicy. However need more fresh vegetables.  Also need better cleaning all around serving and seating areas.  Serving baskets need a good clean scrub. continue reading
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Veteran Gourmet 2013-10-15
We went here on a recommendation from a friend and were very happy with our meal.Finding the place was a little difficult, but once we climbed the stairs to the small restaurant, we were welcomed in and given menus.  Surrounded by smiling faces, the Indonesian customers were all very happy to help us with our selection.We opted for ketoprak first.  The dish is sweet, spicy and flavoured with peanuts.  The noodles and tofu and other little treasures in it were exciting on the palate and it was a fantastic dish.The second dish we chose was ayam goreng kampung.  The countryside fried chicken came out a little under at first, but they instantly rectified the problem and the juicy chicken leg was crispy and moist.  Delicious with the selections of sambal and kecap, both dishes were winners.We would definitely go again and the little warung doesn't break the bank either.   continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)
Veteran Gourmet 2011-04-06
I've not been to Java, so my exposure to Indonesian food is limited to what I've had in Bali (which is pretty awesome), and the Indo restaurants in HK, of which I've tried a few. This one seemed promising from the reviews, so we went exploring. The first couple of floors housed an Indian restaurant with "Malay" cuisine, a few other Indo Foto/Fax shops etc, so Warung Malang fit right into place. This place is mostly visited by the natives, but on the odd occasion you'll see others (like us) there for the food.This restaurant has a few more choices than the other nearby Indo restaurants and I had a hard time choosing what I wanted to try. We ended up with the Nasi Campur which was a great decision as it came with 5 accompanying dishes - curry chicken, beef rendang, deep fried bean curd, beans with veg, and a hard boiled egg covered in spicy sauce. Then came the Rujak Petis which was a vegetable salad (though it had pineapple, apple and pear slices in it) with shrimp paste, and we asked for it to be extra spicy, and boy did it pack a punch! It also have bean sprouts, green leafy beg, bean curd and 2 big rice curd - lontong. For those who need an explanation what rice curd is, it's like cheese curd, only that the softer-than-usual and sticky rice is packed into a ball shaped mass, with the water squeezed out of it, which then gives it a dense, moist and chewy texture. It was a novelty to me, but it was love at first sight, as this is the kind of texture I love in my carbs! (And got carried away and forgot to take a photo, but it really just looks like a dish with brown sauce all over it). Finally we had the lontong sate ayam, yup, more rice curd with chicken satay. I liked the sauce with the satay which isn't the peanuty kind like in thai restaurants, but a sweet soy sauce with some chili in it, but it was goo-ooo-ood, especially with the lontong as well.For desserts we had more sweet sticky rice dumplings - Lue Lupis which is not to be mixed up with Kue Lapis the layered cake, which was 2 very tasty pieces of glutinous rice with coconut flakes and a syrupy sauce over it. They ran out of a few other snacks that we wanted, or we would have stuffed ourselves with these yummy delicacies.The prices for some dishes weren't that cheap - $100 for 10 lamb satays and $80 for chicken, but the rest of the menu was priced at the $35-40 mark, and the snacks are a steal at $6-15 each. Fantastic meal at bargain price. continue reading
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