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來自北海道的米薄餅專門店,薄餅底由飯製成,亦供應沙律、意粉、天婦羅及甜品等菜式。 continue reading
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星期一至四: 11:30-23:30; 星期五至日: 11:30-00:30
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10% Service Charge
Featured Reviews (76)
Novice Gourmet 2011-03-18
The restaurant was almost empty but they insisted that we sit at a table for 2 even though there were more comfortable 4 seat tables that were empty when we arrived and remained empty until we left.The salad was too small and of poor quality.We had to wait 15 minutes after finishing the salad for the main course to arrive even though asked for them to be served at the same time.When we ordered the main course we also ordered dessert. Towards the end of the main course we asked them to start preparing our dessert. We then overheard the waitress tell other customers that the dessert was sold out. We assumed that our dessert was OK because we had ordered it when we ordered the main course. 20 minutes later we asked where was our dessert. The waitress told us that the kitchen had just informed her that the dessert was sold out...the kitchen JUST told her??? We heard her tell other customers 15 minutes earlier that there was no dessert!! No apology until we paid the bill without any tip. continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2011-03-16
這一間真係不可一不可再...睇完煙花,又肚餓..是但搵間試下先~點知...連自己個肚都來投訴...這間店真的很不濟!!想不到這樣水準的店舖...竟然可以在銅鑼灣這樣的旺舖營業...我們叫了一個strawberry rice pizza...竟然超級硬,味道又難食~咁樣樣的一個pizza...相信是但搵一間整pizza的都好味過佢~竟然佢既selling point 係米pizza..唉!! 失敗之極!!!!另外叫了3款小吃, 蝦卷和蠔都係怪味...尤其那些在面頭的醬汁...極難食牛肉粒,味道可接受...不過好硬..好難咬相信唯一可取一點的...就是那個炒雜菜...這樣的米pizza 店...竟然最好味的是炒菜...所以我一定唔會再去0家!! continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2011-01-29
Someone said this place was 1 out of 5 stars. That is wrong it should be 0 out of 5. While we waited we asked to see the menu. We were told to go out of the shop and look at the menu outside. Then after we sat down they gave us one menu each. My husband ordered, but I was still looking through the menu. After the waitress took my husband's order, the waitress just took my menu from me while I was still reading it!!! I told her I have not finished, and her response was that they did not have enough menus!!! She was very rude. First, why ask your customers to go out of the shop just to read a menu. I saw at least a few menus at the back. Asking your customers to leave the shop will only encourage them not to return.Second, how rude is it to just remove a menu when your customer is reading it? You are asking your customers not to order anything - at least I didn't.Third, why tell your customers you don't have enough menus when it is clear for all to see that you have a few at the back. No service to talk about. I will never come back, and will tell others not to. It is just not worth it. continue reading