11-min walk from Exit E1, Sheung Wan MTR Station
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2613 2909
Opening Hours
Mon.-Fri. 12:00-23:00 Sat.-Sun. 11:00-23:00
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10% Service Charge
Outdoor Seating
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A small restaurant in the popular SOHO area, which serves vegetarian Italian cuisine. Sounds unique ! Well, the dishes and tastes are also unique, which you cannot repeat anywhere in Hong Kong.Its a very small restaurant, with one big center dining table enough for a big family of 10 or 12 back home, but here you have to share this table with other customers. Its a unique dining experience and not an uncomfortable one.There is a big menu on one wall , with drinks menu on edge of the ceiling.The menu is constantly changing which makes it worth going again and again. The portions are average , enough to share between 2-3 people.Have tried many dishes here, and none of them are bad. Some of them are little rebellious if the Italians came to know about it.1. Japanese Plum PastaA fusion of Japanese and Italian, as the name suggests it combines Japanese sour plum with an olive oil based pasta with seaweed. Maybe not a cup of tea for everyone, but its worth trying if you love Japanese cuisine. And a thumbs up to Herbivores for thinking out of the box.2. Pesto Sauce PastaIts literally an evergreen pasta , and if you are in no mood to experiment then go ahead with this. Its a nice creamy in rich pesto sauce, which would melt away in your mouth.3. Avocado RollNow comes a Mexican-Italian fusion. This appetizer may have European combination of ingredients but its presented like a sushi. But its a nice appetizer to warm up your appetite.And there are other pastas, vegetarian mushroom steak, tofu main courses, caprese, bruschetta, soup of the day.In all there is a wide range in the menu, and its upto your mood of the day to choose your dishes.The staff is friendly and with 1 or 2 servers catering to you.The male restroom is worth a visit , to see how Hong Kong utilizes each and every inch in this space crunch city !Never tried their brunch, but have heard good reviews from those who have had their brunch there.Definitely not a place for group dining, but a different experience for a couple or two. continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2015-12-10
環境舒適素材特別傾計之選沿電動電梯上半山,遇到很多西方人仕,相信是香港最多西方人居住的地方。餐廳很易找到。環境舒適,女服務員有很多笑容,細心介紹,這點我會加分。炸芝士條,外脆內軟,喜歡吃芝士人士,必選。TOFU BOX ($188) 在這餐廳來說價格較高,特別不過沒有特別好味的感覺,造型好特別但係豆腐味不強。紫菜意粉,不錯,但沒有好食感, continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2015-10-13
朋友請食生日飯,帶我食清啲,原來係全素食,第一次試全素嘅西餐。朋友預先book咗枱,其實weekday無咩人,但book咗就有個corner位自己一張枱,否則就係店中間嘅大長枱,或者門口outside table。食物嘅份量其實好小,所以我地2個人都叫咗4款野食。味道唔錯,仲叫咗2杯cocktail飲,好refresh! continue reading