Exit A, Causeway Bay MTR Station
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SML-「細、中、大」的縮寫-開宗明義,是城中首間將餐牌上所有食物-由餐湯到沙律,以至甜點到飲品,提供大(獨樂樂不如眾樂樂)、中(獨食難肥又或與朋友交換分享)、細(開胃小食份量)三種尺寸提供客人選擇。旨意破舊立新,為食客提供與別不同的自主餐飲體驗。因此,無論是小貓三四隻,或是一大班老朋友聚舊,SML必能滿足一眾各有喜好的食客。 continue reading
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星期日至四: 11:30-23:30 星期五、六及公眾假期前夕: 11:30-00:30
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Visa Master AE Cash
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Alcoholic Drinks
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10% Service Charge
Outdoor Seating
Signature Dishes
烤豬腩肉配紫椰菜蘋果沙律 雲呢拿泡芙配焦糖汁 辣茄醬燴肉丸 Quesadillas
Featured Reviews (237)
Veteran Gourmet 2015-08-17
店名係SML, 佢地大部分既食物份量分為small, medium, large, 哩個沙律係small size, 份量真係小得可憐,幸好蝦和芒果十分鮮甜大蝦芒果沙律-血紅瑪麗蛋黃醬(S:hk$56 , M:hk$108 , L:hk$158)烤南瓜意式薯仔麵團 (S: hk$52, M: hk$98, L :hk$148 ) 相中既係small size, 鼠尾草,松子, 希獵芝士,牛油檸檬配上薯仔麵團,一粒粒既麵團口感煙韌,幾特別,而南瓜份量實在太小!檸檬蒜蓉燒雞 (hk$128),只有一個size,雞肉口感幼嫩,無overcook,而雞入面釀左鼠尾草煙肉餡,食既時候配上黑椒汁! continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2015-08-06
經友人介紹,今日終於決心去試新菜式.(雖然已經開左一段日子)餐廳以美式菜提供較多,同時提供酒水.只可惜入坐計90分鐘用餐時間未免太少.友人不加思索便點龍蝦rissito,當時我未見肚餓便隨便點簡單意粉,想著應該不會出意外.誰知.......友人的 龍蝦rissoto超水準!一整隻小龍蝦開邊上.重本之作!味道濃郁汁與飯比例剛好!的確抵讚!可惜我萬萬想不到cabonara 可以如此難以入口,極淡味.完全將晚餐完整度大大減低.整體而言,服務及整潔度是可以的,不過不失.但Cabonnara 真的會令人大跌眼鏡 continue reading
Trainee Gourmet 2015-05-08
This is my first time writing a review in openrice, as I was really not happy about this restaurant.I have ordered ceasar salad, beef lasagne, lobster risotto and a glass of white wine.Firstly, the ceasar salad sauce was too much and not mixed properly.Then both the lasagne and risotto was too dry. The beef lasagne taste was too mild and dry, and the lobster was not fresh and very dry too, the risotto was not cooked.I will understand the lobster may not be too fresh considering I am not spending a lot but the lasagne and risotto is all about the Chiefs skills and heart.As for the service, I am disappointed as well. In the middle of the meal, I asked for feedback form and hand it to them and they look at it, where they had no one came up to explain or react to my bad feedback. This seems to me that they don't care at all.In summary, do not recommend at all... continue reading