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Mon.-Thu. 11:00-22:00; Fri.-Sun. 11:00-23:00
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Rising Gourmet 2016-07-19
隊長都幾鍾意行去禮頓道食野, 多小店, 無甘多人又平D, 次次行過Slices Pizzeria都會索多2下, 因為好香芝士味, 如果趕時間都會係到開餐!最鍾意係食佢既four cheese, 因為成塊芝士都充滿芝士, 連個邊都有餡料, 簡直係芝士迷既必選, 佢既餅底到做得好, 夠薄得黎又唔會乾爭爭, homemade pizza feel, 比較raw D既感覺, 唔會薄到拎唔起, 當然, 塊pizza實在太大, 手細既隊長係需要2隻手先可以hold穩塊pizza. 佢有combo揀既, 我通常都會揀一塊pizza同湯, 湯就普通貨色, 有D稀既, 不過感覺湯好似成本貴D, 所以會選擇湯(古怪的logic)不過呢, 近排再去食, 份量同水準都無變, 不過價錢就貴左好多~ continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2016-04-19
銅鑼灣 禮頓道附近越開越多餐廳食肆 中西日意韓 甜品 主食 什麼都有一堆百花齊放 有競爭先有進步行完山 搭住叮叮由筲箕灣一路搭到黎銅鑼灣肚都凹埋 真係要搵野醫一醫肚見到間SLICES 係食PIZZA咁呢個外貎呢個格局 通常都係穩陣無失誤要左個COMBO A 即係湯或沙律加一塊簿餅佢有幾款簿餅比你去選擇 當中有四重芝士, 辣肉腸, 夏威夷, 雜菇等等我要左個開胃少酸又有啲甜既夏威夷不過佢寫住湯同沙律 我就有少少混亂 因為佢REMARK位又有ADD CEASER SALAD 加$25我就好自然問佢除左凱撒沙律仲有咩沙律可以揀 (我估會話薯仔沙律或者什果 等等)竟然回覆係凱撒既............咁即係 原來加多一個先係加$25 (即係追加 EXTRA ORDER)講返個沙律先 就以個人愚見 見識少 凱撒即係有Romaine lettuce + french dressing +bacon + chesse + tomato + croutons唔怪你唔落anchovy 呢條咸魚喇 好未?? 咁都唔會係什菜沙律加一pat Mayonnaise (美容醬) 搭住本港生菜加啲九牙菜加幾粒超乾煙肉同蕃茄咁就算數.........我真係覺得不如叫做SPICEAL "SLICES" SALAD 我會更覺無問題 美容醬呢個杰身程度真係唔適合用係呢類沙律到 搞唔勻 痴埋一堆ANYWAY 夏威夷係正常既波蘿火腿芝士茄汁底 簿脆既餅底 我覺得係唔錯既 而且唔會太硬 容易咬開又唔會碎只不過係個茄汁底比較淡味 菠蘿甜酸度適中多汁 芝士雖然唔少 但用MOZZARELL比較多有拉絲感但少左份芝士香味隨餐付上一盒紙包飲品 幾款當中自選70蚊可能對餐廳黎講係合理 但作為銷費者的話我會有少少要求 始終我食緊一塊包同一碗菜  continue reading
Veteran Gourmet 2016-03-16
I came here for lunch by myself and got a slice of pepperoni pizza ($45). I thought the pizza was good. One question you might ask is whether it's "authentic New York-style pizza" as it claims to be. Personally, I think good beats authentic any day, so it doesn't particularly matter, but I would say this is close in character to many slices I had in Jersey and New York city. It falls short in a number of ways: the crust is a little too thin and crispy. I attribute this to Slice's use of Italian 00 flour, rather than American bread flour. They seem proud of the fact, which is bizarre, given how inauthentic it is. The sauce is fine, and the cheese is distributed appropriately. I got far too few pepperoni slices (3 and some crumbles). Finally, the slice was way less greasy than I'd expect (see what I mean about not all authenticity being good?)That said, there's not lots for a lover of New York style-ish pizza in HK. After the closure of Pizzeria Pubblico, I believe only Slices and Paisano's pretend to do NY pizza, and Paisano's is neither good* nor passable as NY style. So I would definitely eat here again.*I mean the Paisano's near me, at Hollywood near the escalators. I hear its original branch in Sai Kung is much better. continue reading