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Trainee Gourmet 2014-01-30
這間餐廳一直對我來說 環境 食物 是十分好的,但服務真係百思不解為何可以咁差,直至現在可以說好了很多,可能是換了一班新面孔了。講返食物 必點 大紅袍烏雞 簡來說 皮香肉嫩 辣味十足京燒羊肉 他們將皮下脂肪去掉 食落啖啖肉 自家制餃子 但不用多說了 好食但不得不提一個簡簡單單的一道菜。"Jade"這個係經理推介,經講解後原來係上海常食的菜式 ,食落都幾特別 爽口 很香麻油味最後一提 甜品 芒果布丁服務員 在上枱時 加點 酒類 點火 可令 上面的蕉糖溶化 抵讚雖然價錢偏貴一點,但環境 食物 服務 好比酒店水準,希望下次可以繼續保持這樣吧! continue reading
It was one of the WORST F&B experience one can ever had!!! Will surely NEVER go back there again!!!!Went to dinner on Saturday night with a few friends. We were 'lucky' enough to be served by the so-called "F&B Director" Elxx. Despite her service wasn't the most friendliest to begin with, our meal was going quite well. Service was a bit slow but still bearable. However when it gets to our main dishes, there it is the "Spicy Chicken" which was recommended by her. Honestly, it was SOOOOOOOO spicy to the extent that it is UNEATABLE!!! We felt sick instantly after our 1st bite. It is not my 1st time having dinner at this restaurant and I had surely consumed this dish before, but this time the dish was RIDICULOUSLY HOT. So, we have expresssed our honest comment and asked the Director if she can check with chef if there were something wrong with it. Maybe adding a bit too much of spices and asked if there were anything he/she can do about it? The Director basically replied, "NO NEED! NO NEED TO TRY!! THIS IS HOW WE MADE THE DISH, AND THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO!!" There is no apology, no nothing from her, but this line. So, we have no choice but asked them to take away the dish because there is no point of leaving an uneatable dish there!!!! Followed by this, our order of dumplings was wrong too. Again, the most experience Director offers NO APOLOGY and said nothing. It is not until we asked her, she said 'Yes, it takes 10 minutes to remake it!". So, we just cancel the order and ask for the bill. And the UNEATABLE CHICKEN is surely on my bill!!!!!!And the worst of all is that by our observation, her attitude towards foreigners seems to be a lot different as compared to locals. What's with that???I just want to say that Service is key to all business and there is just NO WAY this kind of attitude should be tolerated in the F&B industry!! Highly recommend everyone NOT to go there again until proper manner has been changed!! continue reading
Rising Gourmet 2011-02-03
The first time here, notice all expat customer, like the famous chicken here and the lychee drink , they service the drink on a plate. ordered the black chicken and the fish. not a big fan on the chicken , is really ChineseI style , the fish is really really really tasty , will defiantly go back for that, the lychee drink is same as the lychee martini form Drop.they deep fried the fish head and the tail so that you can eat it too just like the Japanese tempura.Dessert, is mango sago. standard Chinese dessert dish and y friend ordered the flaming mango pudding , continue reading