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Veteran Gourmet 2014-06-01
Had Friday day off and boyfriend took a day off from work as well so we could go to Ma Wan Island to explore this little island famous for Noah's Ark theme park. We weren't there to visit Noah's Ark but to go photograph the abandoned village located in the island.Arriving around 2 PM, we stopped for some food as we hadn't had lunch yet and we looked around the various small restaurants at the harbour and found this place. Saigon Baguette. It apparently served baguettes and croissant sandwiches. There is no seating available and is a clearly a take away only place. Though it was small, it had a lot of really interesting little trinkets inside used to decorate the place.Prices weren't expensive and all came with a drink. Boyfriend had another place he wanted to take me to for food so we decided to share a sandwich together. We originally wanted a baguette but the owner said it was only available on weekends and we were there on a Friday. So, we decided on a pork patty and scrambled egg sandwich on ciabatta and an ice coffee.Yeah, today I brought my real camera out today as you can tell. The sandwich was made to order so it was nice and warm. And this was a good tasting sandwich. The scrambled egg was fluffy and soft. The pork patty was ok and obviously bought from elsewhere. But the lettuce and tomato was fresh. The best part was the bread. I was doubting for $24 that included a drink that they would use ciabatta but they did! I was impressed. That made it pretty cheap! You definitely can't get this in Central. The bread was soft and fragrant. Ice coffee was not something I liked as it was the Chinese styled cha chan teng coffee. I"m not a fan of that type of coffee.Definitely a nice option if doing a relaxing island hop. continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2013-09-22
我向來都很喜歡吃法式的麵包,在去馬灣前已經在openrice target 了這間店舖。店舖有數張圓枱,不過去到的時候正值午餐的時候,在那裏找不到坐位,最後選擇在海邊的長椅坐下,那裏風景很美的。我點了一個炒蛋煙肉牛角包餐($22),男朋友本來想點西貢潛艇,但店員說沒有,結果點了特色潛艇餐($30)。牛角包烤得很香脆,配上滑嫩的炒蛋,口感很特別。特色潛艇的饀料比較豐富,有炒蛋、火腿、青瓜、蕃茄等。吃落口感當然比較豐富。不過個人還是比較喜歡牛角包。兩個餐都點了凍咖啡,它的凍咖啡咖啡味很濃,絕不太甜。用這個價錢買到這麼有質素的凍咖啡絕對是抵食。 continue reading
Novice Gourmet 2010-09-17
好日唔去馬灣,,,,當然0黎開飯look一look有咩推介啦~~喜歡炒蛋所以來試一下炒蛋包~食呢類包最怕就係麵包或餡料其中一樣難以咬開, 就會食到成手都係~而呢度0既炒蛋包就內外都鬆化易咬, 麵包好香軟, 不過如果熱d仲好~~my 主角炒蛋 - - 好滑~~咖啡不過不失, 價錢公道~~ continue reading