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ラーメン来(Ramen Kureha – 拉麵來)由2010﹣2011年度「全日本拉麵大賽」獲獎日籍拉麵師傅小林宏次駐店。小林師傅將自家製的熬湯配方引進香港,以嚴格挑選的食材製作出味道濃郁的豬骨湯底和雞白湯底。豬骨湯底經過十六小時以上熬製,味道香,湯味亦濃厚特別。除了製湯嚴謹,麵條更是師傅每日在店自家新鮮製作;以日本入口之拉麵機,配以高級日本麵粉製作而成。拉麵每日限量供應,售完即止。 continue reading
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Mon.-Sun. 11:30-16:30, 18:00-22:00
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拉麵樂☺~ Featured Review
Veteran Gourmet 2016-10-25
早前與朋友去大坑食飯時經過一間拉麵店裝潢佈置均充滿懷舊味道,造就了我今天帶家人來食~周末中午時份,人流比想像中為多~幸好食客流動性快,等了不下數分鐘已可入座!佈置得甚有味道,懷舊的擺設及公仔,內心實在有種說不出的快樂~ 枱子下面及牆身分別有勾勾及衣架,方便掛起袋子及外套,挺貼心!木(白松露豚骨拉麵) - 豚骨湯底味道適中,飲落幾有膠質的感覺~松露醬浸在湯底上令其香味更加濃烈,叉燒質感軟稔有咬口,紫椰菜絲亦夠爽口~麵質選了硬質,個人覺得配膠質湯底口感會較好,而且麵底份量亦較多,完全啱哂我這個(大食積)!土1(極上海老吟釀湯麵) - 湯底顏色橙橙的,有一剎那以為是龍蝦湯底,飲落味道濃而不咸~海蝦球肉質爽口鮮甜~麵質同樣選了硬質,雖然麵條幼身,不過掛汁能力尚算不錯!免治雞肉棒 - 師傅會在客人面前即場用火槍燒!食落肉質鬆軟,彌漫著一股炭燒的香味,幾易入口~餃子 - 外皮厚度適中,不會太易弄穿。而且咬落肉質鬆軟~不過略為油膩一點點.....食拉麵當然要叫番枝可口可樂順一順喉嚨! continue reading
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Veteran Gourmet 2016-10-24
拉麵來should be no stranger to any ramen lover and this is actually one of the first good ramen shops that I know that is existing in Tai Hang food paradise. Arriving at an early 12pm, luckily there was no queue at that time but the queue became so long when we left the restaurant! As soon as we stepped in, there were only bar tables setting and there were lots of old school snacks and toys being hung on the wall. Since we don't want to keep other customers waiting at the door, we have ordered 2 different kind of ramen with our desired doneness and toppings, just like any other ramen places. 魂之一杯$98Only available during weekend and limited to ONLY 30 BOWLS A DAY! We were so lucky to be one of the few people enjoying this 2010-2011 awarded ramen! This bowl of ramen looked normal but it really surprised us by its thick consistency from the soup! The really sticky pork bone soup takes at least 6-8 hours to prepare! It was full of collagen, rich pork taste yet not oily at all!The pork charsiu was pretty standard with a good ratio of meat and fat and it was thinly sliced. The fat from the charciu just melted in our mouth! We have ordered "Normal" hardness and they use my favourite kind of ramen, which is the thin white chewy ramen, similar to the Fukuoka style. It was pretty chewy for "Normal" which I enjoyed a lot! Each string of noodle embraces a layer of flavourful soup to cover its surface. Absolutely divine! We have also added a Japanese tamago $15 and they have nailed it because of its perfect doneness. It was not super runny nor cooked, and the egg taste was superb. We have also spotted that some pickles and garlic oil can be added into your noodle if you wish, but the bowl has a really strong flavour so we didn't add anything !Wasabi crab meat mixed ramen $118A limited special ramen is a dry mixed ramen with some crab meat , wasabi paste, shredded seaweed and a wedge of lime. We were told that hairy crab meat is used since it is hairy crab season and the ramen shop would have that on special every year. Some wasabi is on the side for you to mix in the noodle. Have it on its own and it was actually a lot lighter in taste when comparing to the pork noodle because it is a seafood crab based ramen, while the ramen is actually a lot thicker in size with a less chewiness. I found it interesting and you should try it yourself. A lime wedge is also provided to bring the fresh flavour from the delicate crab meat. The perfect sweet and sour from the lime, savoury from the sea water crab meat, and pungent taste from the wasabi, created a tasty mouthful. We have also ordered some beer called Uijin using traditional Belgium beer brewing method. Yuzu flavour $42A light beer with a subtle yuzu taste and I liked that you can even see the beer flower at the bottom of the beer bottle! Original $42An even lighter taste beer with a floral and nutty flavour, nothing beat a good glass of cold beer when enjoying some hot ramen!  continue reading
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Veteran Gourmet 2016-10-24
又來到了大坑覓食今次食拉麵來~入到店內濃厚既80年代既裝飾擺設!超貼地回味細想當年~感覺窩心温暖叫左個其間限定既蟹肉拌麵!麵底係較為粗身既拉麵~煙煙unun配左d大葱和紫菜碎,食落口感層次豐富~再撈埋鮮味蟹肉!超甘香蟹肉份量亦唔馬虎!食到最後都仲有再配埋d青檸汁調高蟹肉既鮮味!絕對係味覺既幸福喔飲左杯柚子味既啤酒入口帶柚子清香後調有點小麥啤走花既麥香!冰凍既啤酒確實係難以抗拒既飲到底見到有混濁沉澱物柚子渣~真係真材實料架呢叫埋個餃子!熱辣辣送上台~餃皮煎到金黄香脆,食落脆口超吸引!皮薄唔過厚~加埋個醬汁食更惹味雖然係小店~但帶比我卻有無限既窩心感覺 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of an user which does not represent OpenRice’s point of view.)